AMP: Year Four Invades Kickstarter

AMP: Year Four Invades Kickstarter 

We’ve gone through the Year of Discovery, Fear, and War, finally arriving at the impending doom that is the Year of Invasion. The Orphans have returned from the edge of reality itself to free everyone on Earth, Sap and AMP, from the chains of their current existence. With them, they bring the secrets of shaping the universe and use these magical powers to wage their invasion.

It is up to all of Earth’s AMPs to join together to overcome the Orphan forces. The Seekers must put aside their rivalry with the UHF. The Changelings must come out of hiding. The Mystics must hone their psychic connections sharper than ever before. Even Retribution must forge new alliances with TRAC to save Earth from utter destruction.

This new sourcebook contains the following:

  • Continued Timeline into 2018, the Year of Invasion
  • Worldwide Material: The Orphans’ attack spans the globe!
  • New Affiliations/Player Options, Including rules to play rebel Orphans
  • New Powers inspired by magic, like the new Sin or Mother Nature power
  • Magic! – Full rules on how magic works in the world of AMP

For more information on the AMP gameline and AMP: Year Four specifically, please visit our Kickstarter (click on the main image). Our campaign ends Nov 3.