Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Underway

If you hadn’t heard the news, in honor of API’s 5-year anniversary, we here at Third Eye Games have begun development of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition (or API2E). This version of the game is going to have a lot of new twists and turns, as well as many changes to streamline mechanics and give you a better API experience over all. I’ll be posting here from time to time to keep you updated on its current progress, but we are working hard on playtest files so we can start to test out all the new hotness.

Cool things to look forward to:

  • 20 playable races (there were only 10 in the original corebook)
  • New Reasons mechanic to replace Passions
  • New Fight Style rules to really seal in the fresh battles
  • New Stamina rules more in line with DGS-Lite, but slightly different!
  • Full conversion rules for taking characters and concepts from API1E and translating them to API2E

As you can see, we have a lot ahead of us. We’re up the challenge and can’t wait to show you what we have though.

Until next time.