Anstar Monks (Sinister)

Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride. 

Our 6th nation brings us away from an actual country, but instead brings us to a small enclave of monks.

The Anstar Monks were once a source of spiritual enlightenment to the world. Their members worked to feed the hungry and advise many of the other nations on humanitarian principles to bring the world to a brighter place. When the wars began and the portals opened, the Anstarian Monastery knew they had failed in their mission. They closed their doors, sealing themselves away on their plantation. Many bandits and even armies attempted to take the site by storm, but were kept at bay by the powerful, magical forcefields surrounding it. There are monks inside their temples who spend days in meditation to sustain the shield, but they have opened it in the recent years as they feel their presence has been lost to the world. A few of the monks have entered this Cloud Nation competition in hopes of learning more of the utopia they’ve heard of in the sky.

The Monks will have a special connection and access to magical monsters. They’ll be the ones the others look at to explain chained up angels, ghost monsters and other crazy things like that.

Possible Character Creation

  • Skill Bonus: Knowledges
  • Monster Bonus: I’m thinking a bonus when using Magic monsters but also possibly a mental link, so they can control a monster without the need of a leash.
  • Social Penalty: They have been removed from the world for too long and know almost nothing of its goings-on. They will have a certain naiveté to them, sprinkled with an intention to make the world “good”, whatever that means anymore.

Until next time.