Announcement – Infestation RPG

Third Eye Games is excited to announce our newest family-friendly RPG, Infestation: a Game of Bugs and Heroes. Infestation is the third game to use the company’s Pip System, previously used for Mermaid Adventures and Camp Myth: The RPG.

In Infestation, players take on the role of various bugs and battle for control over This House, the most disgusting and filthy domicile on the block. Every room, from Cabinet City (the Kitchen) to The Stinker (the Bathroom), is a treasure trove of garbage and filth. If you’re part of the ruling species you may get to take your pick of the treasure, otherwise you’ll need to use your instincts to take what you can.

Players may choose from twelve bug races, including ants, bed bugs, fleas, locusts, spiders, roaches, and more. Each bug has its own unique Qualities which make it well-suited to life in This House, and several colonies seek out Bug Magic to make up for abilities they don’t already possess. They’ll need to stay on their feet (all six or more of them) and watch out for household hazards, but if they’re brave enough they may just find all of the pieces of junk they need to prove they are the best.

The Kickstarter is LIVE! We hope to fund and get this game ready for a quick release at GenCon 2014!