No Heroes. No Villains. Just Hard Choices.

Become one of the first people in the world to develop superpowers. AMP: Year One tells the story of the first year this new phenomenon, full of secrecy, conspiracy, and danger for everyone involved. As humans begin to notice these new and often terrifying people with abilities, not everyone reacts accepting. This is not the supers game of tights and capes, but instead of shadows and choices.

AMPs (people with Accelerated Mutant Potential) can walk in danger alone, or they can join with others of their kind into Affiliations. These include the scientific Seekers of Enlightenment, led by Doctor Luminous and Critter, the always-hidden Changelings, led by Conduit, or even the super-powered criminal underground of Typhoon, led by the Matriarch. There are always affiliations against the AMPs too, like the United Human Front, hell-bent on destroying all the super-freaks and protect humanity.

As the nature of AMPs evolves, so too does the continuing story presented in the book. In addition to new powers, Affiliations, and player options in each book, the timeline of events is updated from year to year.

AMP: Year One began the Year of Discovery, where AMPs were figuring out what they were, but kept hidden from sight until a tragic act makes it impossible.

AMP: Year Two is the Year of Fear, where humans learn of the existence of AMPs. Politicians argue over policy, and both humans and AMPs have to pick a side for the inevitable war.

AMP: Year Three is the Year of War, where blood is shed on both sides, causing an increase in aggression and tactics. AMPs further mutate into monsters and humans call upon technology to even the odds.

AMP: Year Four is the Year of the Invasion, when humans and AMPs find themselves facing a common enemy from the deepest reaches of space. Will they unite to combat the Orphans or will they crumble under these extraterrestrial invaders?


The Story Continues

Designed by: Eloy Lasanta

Artwork by: Maxim Lardinois, Daniel Wong

System: Dynamic Gaming System

Total Pages: 254


  • Complete timeline of 2015 events that will change the AMPs lives forever
  • Create your own AMP with a variety of powers and combinations to make your character stand out
  • Additional supplements expand the storyline and provide new rules, antagonists, and more
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  • 1-page AMP: Year One Character Sheet – Download

  • 1-page AMP: Year One Character Sheet (Form-fillable) – Download

  • 1-Page AMP: Year Three Character SheetDownload

  • AMP: Year One Character Creation ExampleWatch