AMP: Year One Week Begins

We’re working with Roleplayer’s Chronicle to deliver some great AMP: Year One information to you guys! Here’s what we have in store:

In addition, we’ll be having fun trivia on all of our social media this week. Answers get you put into a drawing for a free PDF of AMP: Year One! If you’ve already got the game, it’ll give you access to the first adventure that is going to be released very soon!

Question #1: If you could choose any one power to possess, what would it be and why?

Question #2: Now that you know what power you have, who is that one person who knows your power and works to help you? Who is your Alfred, your Lois Lane, your Aunt May?

Question #3: What motivates you as an AMP? Are you headed to break into the nearest vault full of money? Are you flying quickly to help victims of natural disasters? Are you simply using your powers to help yourself and your family live a better life?

Question #4: While performing an act of heroism, a dozen cops roll up and tell you to FREEZE! How do you respond?

Question #5: You’re about to take your final breathe, but what did you in? Did you sacrifice yourself to save someone else? Did you powers mutate to the point of death? What happened?

You can connect with us in the following ways or even just post in the comments here, as the questions will be mirrors on all the locations:


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