A Moment of Pride

I have called myself an RPG motivator for a long time, which pushes me to help other developers or discuss new ways to publish or organize projects. It was also what got me to start developing Sinister openly and to begin my Rolling 20s Podcast.

About a month ago, I got a message from a game designer that is just starting out and was looking for where to begin. I gave this as my first thoughts:

“Getting some semblance of a web site up and linking from my signature in the various forums I posted on was my first thing. Got a logo and everything together. But, honestly, the only thing that’s going to matter in the end is… how good is your game? You need to invest in some great artwork and learn how to use InDesign to save on layout costs.”

Then I pointed him to the Rolling 20s podcast in hopes that it would fill in any gaps that my 3 sentences didn’t cover.

Today, I followed up with him to see if he had made any progress in his project and received an awesome response back.

“Actually, yeah. It has a lot to do with the advice on your rolling 20s blog. Very useful. …I am really excited and have a renewed passion thanks to just… listening… Thanks man!”

I can’t say how much this affected me and really makes me feel proud of what it is I do. The Rolling 20s podcast did exactly what it was supposed to and I couldn’t be prouder.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.

Until next time.