3EG MomoCon 2014 Recap

Hello everyone! I had the pleasure of being invited to MomoCon 2014 as a special RPG guest for the second time in a row this year! Though, as much fun as it was, the trek was hard fought to get there.

Car Problems

IMG_1340Driving up on Friday, me and my wife left early in order to get there at a reasonable time before my Friday night game. About halfway through the trip from Tampa to Atlanta, we stopped in Valdosta to gas up. When we restarted the car, it sputtered and went crazy. Very distressful since we just bought this car used the week before. It was a six hour delay that involved getting the car towed to a garage that then told us they couldn’t help us and then to another who found the issue after a cursory glance, which is kind of crazy. AAA, while great to have, isn’t known for arriving quickly which obviously led to a lot of that wait time too.

All and all, though, we got to Atlanta at about 9:15pm and settled in before trying out the card game Fairy Tale. It was pretty good. Basically just looking for combinations of cards and they are dragon/fairy themed. Not a bad game, but certainly not anything that blew me away.

The Day of Outright Fun

Oh, what a Saturday we had. We woke up and had a great breakfast, offered as part of the room we had at the hotel. How swank. After that it was out for adventure!

I got to play in a game of Dreamcatcher, which is apparently due out on Kickstarter some time soon. The premise of the dream world and real world colliding intrigued me, so I’ll be taking a look at then whenever they get it up for crowd funding for sure.

After that, it was time for my Ninja Crusade game. I ended up with 4 players (one of which had to leave about half way through for a panel). I ran Nobleman’s Daughter (one of two adventures I throw out at players), since they all were new to the game, setting, system and gaming in general (two of them). They all got into very well and the game was over in half the time I normally run it, cause we cut corners and I didn’t want to overwhelm them with TOO much on their first trip out. Great final battle at the end and a lot of awesome roleplay moments were had. After that game, I gave everyone a PDF of the corebook, a t-shirt, a physical sourcebook and a 3EG lanyard. Needless to say, everyone walked away happy. lol.

Then came the World Building panel, with me and Dave Silva of Fractured Kingdom fame. We had about 90 people in the audience (a couple were sleeping lol) and we all had a spirited discussion about what it means to build a world and how mechanics in a game can help to reinforce it. It was a pretty awesome panel that I completely rambled on. I think I may make some notes for the next time I do that discussion again, cause I think we hit some really good points

Afterward, I was supposed to play in a super secret Beta for Dave’s new game (i’m sworn to secrecy, otherwise I’d tell you more about it), but I took too long getting to the table and he already had a full table by the time i got there. So, I decided to run the¬†Part-Time Gods game I didn’t run on Friday. I had 4 players who had NEVER role-played before (well, for one of them it had just been a long time) and I couldn’t have had a better time. This group of newbs did such a great job and were all very creative with their powers and abilities and really got into their characters.

When that was done, I decided to run a quick game of Top Billing with a few of my friends and we made an amazing movie of Hugh Jackman finding himself and looking for love, only to find out that he had it all along with his Husband (Vin Diesel) and his daughter (Shirley Temple). Needless to say, it has hilarious and heartwarming at the same time and it went very quickly because the other players really grasped the concept quickly. Fun times!

When it was time for bed…

IMG_1141Getting Home Sick

…and that’s where the real terror began. Turns out we must have eaten something bad that day, because we were up most of the night with stomach pains. No fun at all.

We woke up and ate what breakfast we could and then did our RPG Publishing, which had about 25 people (on a Sunday, that’s banging’) and it was just as spirited. The few who did show up I could tell really enjoyed what we had to say, so that was pretty awesome. Maybe next year, we’ll save the panels on Sunday and move them to one of the other days. Sunday is death. lol.

When we drove home, making several stops for sick and sleep, but we did make it eventually.

In Conclusion

I’ve taken the last couple days and rested and recovered and effectively “called into work” for all intents and purposes. Thank you to the MomoCon staff, especially Bryan Bailey the RPG coordinator. It was an honor to have been a guest once again at MomoCon 2014, and I really do hope to be invited back for next year, since it’s so much fun. Maybe do MORE panels and run MORE games next year and maybe run into a few of the other guests. This is my second year and I still haven’t seen one other guest that wasn’t a gaming guest as well. I have to learn how to use my small amount of fame to star gaze. lol.

Until next time.