3EG MomoCon 2013 Recap

I’ll admit it, I was worried about this one. Anime conventions, by definition, and filled with a bunch of cosplay enthusiasts, dance petition and panels about the difference between death gods from one OVA to the next. This was also MomoCon’s first year of having an actual “gaming” section, so there was no way to know how successful this endeavor was going to be. I was happy to lend my personality and enthusiasm for games to it myself, and I’m glad to report… it was a GREAT con!



Left my house at 4:30am so that I could to Atlanta before the con started. I showed up a little too early, but it was cool cause I actually got to help set up the 8-table RPG room and meet the staff, who were all awesome. I also got to scope out the board game room and see what they had, which was a LOT! I was eyeing the BSG board game mostly, but that could wait for now. I had a 2pm game (right as the room opened), but it didn’t look like anyone really knew what the room was for. There were a lot of anime kids coming in and saying “So, what’s this room?” Bryan, the AD, was really good about dragging in strays and making people sit down and play.
I ran a great 5-player game of Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade. Even Sean Patrick Fannon got to sit in for a little bit (before he gave up his seat so someone else could play. He’s a great guy). The game went really well and then it was off to 2 panels. The first was Sean’s take on the future of Transmedia products. I was on the panel, but I didn’t really have a whole lot to say about it, since it’s not a topic I think about, but it was informational for me AND the audience. the second panel was the 4 Cs (Creator > Content > Consumer > Community) which was a pretty darn good one. I had a lot more to add to that one too.

After the panels, the gaming room was PACKED, which was amazing. I went over the board game room and watched some people play a game called Seasons which looked pretty darn cool. Then sleep.


This was, obviously, the big day! I woke up bright and early and ate a great breakfast that the hotel restaurant (expensive, but delicious). That’s where I saw the BioWare guys, but I didn’t want to bother them while they were eating.


Afterward, I got myself to the gaming room. It was going to see what games were running in the morning and found out it was a Fiasco game. Players showed up, then the Brittany (the gaming director) had to leave on an emergency, and since she was going to run the game it fell to me. Because I was running the game, it went down hill pretty quickly, but only one of the players ended up with a bad ending. first time I’ve ever seen that happen. After Fiasco, I had some more time before my official game, so I played a quick 2-player game of Top Billing, my movie making card game. It involved John Bon Jovi was a superhero getting revenge for the death of his wife. It was pretty epic.

Then came my Part-Time Gods game, which was also great. All brand new players, a couple of them having never played an RPG before. It was a full game and everyone had fun with it, which was nice. the game ended sooner than it usually does (they were good at defeating the bad guys), we got a 4-player game of Top Billing going. This one had Lucy Liu marrying Richard Gere reprising his role as Batman. I also got to give a portfolio critique to a new,
up and coming artist. Good stuff from her. You’ll be seeing some stuff from her in some of my 2013 project for sure.

After some chicken fingers for dinner, I hit the 21st Century Publishing panel. This was all about how you could start publishing your game/book/whatever tomorrow! This was the best panel of the weekend for me, because even though Sean Patrick Fannon went on his grandstanding “you can do it” rants, which were pretty inspiring, I then would step in say things like “And to counterpoint that…”, so there was a lot more of a debate which made it a lot more fun and entertaining for everyone involved. When I was done talking with aspiring game creators, cause I love doing that, I grabbed the BSG board game and got a quick 3-player game going. And when I say “quick”, it only took 1 1/2 hours (my shortest game of BSG ever). Cain was the admiral and a Cylon and drove us down the Fuel Gadge. It was pretty cool and the first time I’ve ever played in a game where the Cylons won.


Then sleep.


I woke up and got to chat for about an hour with the staff again, before players started to show up. I got one more game of Top Billing in, a 3-player game this time. This time, Lindsay Lohan was an assassin and Michael Cera was her arch nemesis. Again… the best part about the game is that it’s never the same. lol. After that it was time to drive home. I really wanted to stay and play another game, but that would have put me home after midnight, so Ijust couldn’t do it.


I hope I’m invited back next year, since I can only see it getting even more amazing! Thank you Brittany, Bryan and Justin for making me feel like an honored guest. Thank you Sean Patrick Fannon and Carinn Seabolt for being my fellow guests and being awesome in general. And thank you to all the new  fans and friends who listened to my panels and played in my games. All of you rock!