3EG GenCon 2015 Game Schedule

Hey all!

Third Eye Games is going to be REALLY big this year! We have a number of awesome games ready of you to join and play. In fact, there are 22 events going on this year, the most we’ve ever done, thanks to a number of talents volunteers who are running our games.

So, take a moment and jot down the times and locations so you can make sure you are there to play in our games!

Event NumberGamelineAdventureTimeLocationGM
RPG1573006Part-Time GodsFear Itself10am, ThursMarriott 7/8Carol Darnell
RPG1573022AMP: Year OneBy A Scalpel’s Edge2pm, ThursMarriott 7/8Carol Darnell
RPG1574661Part-Time GodsThe Assault 5pm, ThursJW : 314 : 6Danny Jorgenson
RPG1572977Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd EditionGhost Road8pm, ThursMarriott 7/8Eloy Lasanta
RPG1572983Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Savage WorldsDanger at the Mine8pm, ThursMarriott 7/8Chris Fuchs
RPG1573016PTGoFateThe Coming of the Preacher8pm, ThursMarriott 7/8Chris Sneizak
RPG1573030AMP: Year OneEvolution of Apex8pm, ThursMarriott 7/8Dwayne Stewart
RPG1574663Part-Time GodsThe Assault 9am, FriJW: 208: 4Danny Jorgenson
RPG1573101Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and HeroesToothpick Joust10am, FriMarriott 7/8Jacob Wood
RPG1573054AMP: Year OneAttack of the Buzz10am, FriMarriott 7/8Eloy Lasanta
RPG1572982Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd EditionBlue Card Duty10am, FriMarriott 7/8Carol Darnell
RPG1573011Part-Time Gods of FATEThe Coming of the Preacher12pm, FriMarriott 7/8Phil Vecchione
RPG1572992Ninja CrusadeSwitching Rhythm2pm, FriMarriott 7/8John K
RPG1573034AMP: Year OneWhite Knight2pm, FriMarriott 7/8Dwayne Stewart
RPG1573076Camp Myth: The RPGBallad of Becky Banshee6pm, FriMarriott 7/8Melissa Goad
RPG1573036AMP: Year OneEvolution of Apex8pm, FriMarriott 7/8Dwayne Stewart
RPG1574662Part-Time GodsThe Assault 10pm, FriJW: 206: 1Danny Jorgenson
RPG1573000Ninja CrusadeViolent Path to Peace10am, SatMarriott 7/8John K
RPG1573062AMP: Year OneCaught in the Dreamscape2pm, SatMarriott 7/8Dwayne Stewart
RPG1573068Mermaid AdventuresUndersea Olympics6pm, SatMarriott 7/8Melissa Goad
RPG1573116Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and HeroesInvasion! 8pm, SatMarriott 7/8Melissa Goad
RPG1572984Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Savage WorldsDanger at the Mine8pm, SatMarriott 7/8Chris Fuchs