Writing Through The Sickness

Posted on February 27th, by firstoni in Blog. 2 comments

Writing Through The Sickness

Quality and Quantity. It’s funny how two words, so similar to each other, can be so different in their meaning. I picture a conversation between the founding fathers, ending with “Let’s just say – on record – that Quantity and Quality are two different words, Benjamin!” “But George!” “No! There must be distinction! You can’t keep showing off how many lightbulbs you can make, when one would have sufficed! Seriously, man!”

Ok, back to reality now. This brings up a good point though. A writer can vomit as much onto a page as they want, but if it’s all crap, it doesn’t do anyone any good. If you didn’t know, I’m suffering from serious allergies right now (cause Florida becomes a haven for strange pollen creatures for about 2 months about the year). I’m not currently able to write as much as I usually do, so I’ve had to focus my efforts on writing other things. There’s more to writing than words. There’s editing, outlining, and other planning stages involved and that’s where I’ve spent my time these last few days. Organizing things so that I’ll have an easy time of it when I’m ready to sit down and bang out some serious wordcount.

The rest of my time will be spent snoozing. Pollen likes to curl up inside your nostrils and flick your sleep glands.

Until next time.

2 responses to “Writing Through The Sickness”

  1. S. Wright says:

    Planning ahead will definitely improve your writing game. And your game writing, as it turns out. Heh.

    I had to stop writing a blog post last night because about 300 words in, I realized it was boring, so I scrapped it. By then it was bedtime, so it didn’t get done. Still, I’d rather just do it tomorrow (now today) than put up a boring post.

    Get well soon, buddy!


  2. Jacob Wood says:

    Allow me to pre-emptively say “Gesundheit!”

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