Why the Silence?

Posted on June 12th, by firstoni in Blog. 1 Comment

I went strong for a long time with my once-a-day posts on my blog. I had lots to say and lots of time to do them in. Then came the sick. I’m a private person and not a fan of letting everyone in ALL the time. I’ve been suffering from some strange sickness of unknown cause for the last few months, which has me up and working some days and out cold on my couch other days. It has gotten slightly better in recent weeks, which of course was when I needed to start going to cons and talking to more people. Just in time!

So, what I’m going to do now is start posting to the blog once a week (instead of once a day). I think this will help me pace myself but still get out some good stuff to you guys.

I have a fun post for next week that involves free stuff, so keep an eye out for that.

Until next time.

One response to “Why the Silence?”

  1. Jacob Wood says:

    I have been wondering why we haven’t heard much from you lately. I’m sad to hear that this is the explanation. I hope you recover soon from whatever it is that has been ailing you.

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