Top Billing

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Top Billing

For 2 to 5 Players, Ages 12+

Welcome to Top Billing! In this game, you and your friends take become competing movie producers working on a film. Your objective is to duke it out with the others to put your unique imprint on the final film by gathering Actors, Sets, and Props. By strategically putting them together to earn you the most points, you can earn the title of executive producer and Top Billing!

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Available Now!

TopBillingLogoTop Billing Card Game (Core Deck)

Print-n-Play  or Printed Deck from DriveThruCards

Cards in Set: 21 Scenes, 18 Actors, 20 Sets, 20 Props, 16 Events, 2 Vetos, 6 Disasters, 5 Producer Cards

Everything you need to start making your own crazy movies can be found in the Top Billing Card Game! No two games are the same!




Top Billing Card Types Video



One response to “Top Billing”

  1. Brian says:

    Lights, Cards, ACTION!

    Top Billing is quite a fun way to test your friend’s imagination when it comes to making a movie.
    Who knows? Maybe you and your friends/family could come up with the next big movie script!

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