Top Billing Release – And Contest #1

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Top Billing Release – And Contest #1

We know it’s April Fool’s Day, but this is no joke!

I’m very proud to announce that Top Billing, The Movie Making Card Game is finally available for purchase! Now you get to become a producer on a movie, collecting the right Actor, Props and Sets to create an amazing (and completely crazy) story for a movie. We were so impressed with DriveThruCards services and quality of their product, Third Eye Games is using them exclusively for our awesome new game. Top Billing will be available in two ways:

  • Print-On-Demand ($15.99) – You get the full game printed and sent to your door in no time.
  • Print-N-Play ($6.99) – You get the digital files for the card, so you can print them out, sleeve them up yourself and get to playing right away!

Contest #1

In the spirit of the game, we are running an awesome contest. Each week, we’ll be posting a collection of game elements at random and you can give us a pitch on how YOU would make it happen. Here’s what we have for our first week:


The idea behind Top Billing is to make a scene out of what is dealt. Here we have the “First Meeting” Scene, which requires 2 Actors, 1 Prop and 2 Sets (which you can see have been drawn). You can cast anyone you want in the roles and inject the sets and props into the scene how ever you want, as long as it goes along with the idea that this is the First Meeting between the two characters. Genre, themes, moods, every is up to you as the producer.

So, again, we want to here how YOU would interpret these cards into a cool scene. Write up your Scene and email it to to be entered. This contest runs for 4 weeks from Monday to Saturday and we’ll be posting the best ones on our site! The winner (our favorite entry each week) will be announced on each corresponding Sunday. Winners will receive a free Print-On-Demand deck of Top Billing.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Until next time.

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  1. firstoni says:

    As a note, this would be a 10-point Scene (Smart Dog 1, Martial Artist 1, Coffee Shop 1, Phone Booth 2, Busy Highway 3, and +2 points for this being the first Scene). 🙂

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