Top Billing Contest Winner #4

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Winner for the last week of the Top Billing Contest was…

Nic Willey (Again!)

“Jack (Brandon Routh) stepped out of the bathroom of City Hall, adjusting his pants, he looked both ways before fully stepping into the hallway. His dusted off his Zorro costume and smiled, he couldn’t believe what his brother had talked him into, but now relished the idea. Slipping on his domino mask, Jack crossed the hall into a ballroom. Through out the room people were in costume dancing softly to Frank Sinatra crooning Fly Me to the Moon.
Staring across the sea of people was his fiance Piper (Jennifer Love Hewitt), she was swaying to the music, and man’ s hands on her hips. A grimace pierced his face, but it disappeared when he noticed that the hands belonged to his brother Bobby (Chris Hardwick- The Nerdist). He was dressed to the nines in a Hitler costume, to top it off he was wearing a handle bar mustache. The ideal choice to make a parody of the dead Nazi Leader.
Jack moved across the floor to his lover and pulled her into his embrace. They danced across the floor, as the music changed so did their movements. Each dance was more sensual and with each dance their love grew. The music changed to a waltz and then melted into a salsa. Jack and Piper enjoyed their time on the dance floor, grooving with the music.
But a sudden change in the music stopped the groove, Jack looked up from his moment and saw his brother on stage in his goofy costume, in his hands was a guitar and began playing a flamenco tune. Jack grinned and pulled Piper into a wonderful and unyielding trance. As the night wore on Bobby started to add a little flare of comedy to the music, and in a moment of inspiration began to tell jokes. Jack was proud of his baby brother. Looking into Piper’s eyes, he winked and led her out of the room; Bobby waved.
Jack and Piper walked as if in a daze out of the ballroom and eventually out of City Hall, they went to their home, to their bedroom where they continued their dance between the sheets.”

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