Top Billing Contest #3 Winner

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And the winner for Top Billing Contest #3 is…..

Nic Willey

And here was his entry!

“In the dark of the night, a solitary figure (played by Zac Efron) shambles down the freeway, in his hand he is carrying an empty gas can. As he makes his way down to the local gas station he listens to the sound of cicadas as they play their night music. From a distance he can hear the sound of sirens, but he pays it no heed, he must refill the gas can. Once at the station, he refills the gas can and makes his return back. As he reaches his farm, he begins to refill his tractor. It is a very nice tractor, painted black with red and orange flames on the hood.

With the tractor finally refilled, the farmer climbs on board and starts it up. Upon doing so, the sound of sirens gets louder. As the sun rises over the horizon, the farmer can see a red and black Corvette speeding down the road toward his farmhouse. The farmer, Nick, looks down at the driver, Christy, a thief (played by Dakota Fanning) and smiles. The thief doesn’t see him, because in her review mirror she is keeping an eye on the dozen or so police cars giving chase. One of the police (played by Simon Pegg), opens fire and accidentally hits the tractor belonging to the farmer.
Already angry from his hike to get gas, then to top it off having people race down his red dirt road, the farmer goes into a bit of a rage and revs up the tractor. As he puts it into gear, Nick chugs along the dirt road waving his hand menacingly, the police who are in front of him look back and laugh at him, which of course makes maters worse for them. The farmer, speeds up the tractor going a good twenty miles an hour, continuing to chase both the woman and the cops. As both they disappear over the horizon, Nick hits the nitris button on his tractor, sending the John Deere into a rage of its own and it tears down the road. Knowing a short cut across his land, the farmer cuts across the wheat field. Faster than most would expect, the farmer reaches the next dirt road and plows onto it.
Christy, driving the car turns the wheel wildly as she tries to avoid the tractor. As she speeds past, she looks up at the farmer and sees red where the whites of the eyes should have been, easing down on the pedal he skids to a stop and watches the action unfold. The thief looks out the window at the cops, but one by one they are run off the road. Save the police car, which has the cop that shot the farmer’s tractor. The cop along with his partner (played by Nick Frost), turn the police car around and race away from the angry tractor driver. The farmer gives chase and keeping a pretty good pace with the police car.
Christy, getting left behind, is laughing her head off and follows the action. She speeds up and as dawn turns to morning, she watches as the tractor runs the cop car off the road. Thinking the fun is over, she begins to slow down, but the two cops get out of their car and run for their lives. Thinking that they have lost the farmer, the duck into a nearby wearhouse. Within the building, they find an older famer, Judd, (played by Kevin Costner) and several of his employees sitting around a table eating breakfast. The men look up from their meal, they laugh a bit, and Judd takes a swig of moonshine.
The cops look about the warehouse and realize that they have stumbled across an illegal moonshine operation. As they are about to announce that everyone is under arrest, The farmer breaks down the halfway open farmer door and corners the two cops, the cops race to a stairwell, one by one the race up the stairs. Nick with his tractor tries to climb the stairs. Knowing the futility of his action, the farmer turns off the tractor and chases the men on foot.
Up top, the cops find themselves trapped, the lead cop (Pegg) pulls out his gun, but it is knocked out of his hand by a bottle of moonshine. The farmer runs over to the two men, he completely ignores the partner (Frost) and places his hand on the lead cop.
Nick the Farmer: “Tag, you’re it.”
Laughing wildly, Nick runs back down stairs and starts up the tractor. A hand reaches around his chest. He turns to find the thief, sitting behind him. They kiss.
From up top the cops look at each other and slump to the ground.

End scene.”
Gotta give extra credit for writing up way more than was necessary. I guess he got into the groove thereFun fact! All the entries used Zach Efron. He must be HUGE right now!
Until next time!

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