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We only got a couple of entries for the Top Billing Release Contest so far, but this one was so good that I thought I’d share it with you guys. It comes to use from Ben Gettler.

“The bounty hunter (Chuck Norris) is talking with his boss in a phone booth outside a coffee shop. His target is unlike any he has ever had before, a military weapons prototype that has escaped from a top-secret laboratory outside of the city. It is described as a dog with superhuman intelligence, and is a master of deception (Air Bud).

As he is on the phone, the dog bursts out of the door of the coffee shop and runs toward the highway. The bounty hunter cannot believe his luck and hangs up the phone to chase after the dog. His tranquilizer gun at the ready.

The dog darts between the stand-still rush hour traffic as the man tries to keep up. As soon as the bounty hunter makes visual contact with the dog he fires his tranquilizer gun, but the dog dodges it. It bounces off of the ground and hits the neck of a tanker-truck driver who passes out with his foot on the gas. The truck runs over other cars and turns over on a bridge and catches on fire. The bounty hunter covers his face and dives into the median as the explosion blows his hair back. The last thing he sees before he loses consciousness is the dog running off into the distance.”

That’s the way to do it! I can’t wait to get more entries!

Until next time.

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