The Wylds (Sinister RPG)

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Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride. 

The next nation idea was actually one of the first ones I came up with when I was creating the world of Sinister in my brain months ago.

The portal energies infected the world, taking life on the planet and morphing it into horrible shapes, dangerous monsters and forcing humanity to change along with it. No group of people took that to heart more than those from the Wylds. This nation lives to the far west of the continent, where its forests have overgrown into a giant maze of sprawling and twisting trees. They have been mutated themselves, slightly, as they eat the infused greenery as their regular diet. Only the people indigenous to the Wylds know the correct routes through this crazy place, using this fact to keep their villages and food storage (of which there is plenty) safe away from poachers and thieves. As a society, they carry on in a mostly tribal fashion, using tattoos and scarring to mark passage through their adulthood. They revere life even more than other nations, as it courses through every bit of the earth around them. Killing another human being would be completely against their morals, but choosing not to help an enemy through the Maze is a whole other thing, right?

I want to make it abundantly clear that these are not “elves” or “faeries”. These are humans that just happen to stick to woods that they consider magical and awesome. lol. They may have pointed ears, I haven’t decided.

Its pretty obvious, but this nation would be overrun with mutated monsters, regular animals made into awesome creatures of combat. There may be a few magical creatures too that the tribes may worship and pay homage to in order to gain access to their power.

Possible Character Creations

  • Skill Bonus: Survival, most definitely. It seems the most logical choice.
  • Monster Bonus: I’m thinking they may start off with a higher Relationship bonus, due to the character and monster being infused with the same portal magic. That kind of thing could lead them to bond more quickly with their chosen monsters.
  • Social Penalty: Obviously, they may be pretty untrained for life outside of the Wylds, not getting the magical nutrients they are used to from their meals, sleeping in buildings of steel and stone (instead of wood) and having to deal with people whose ways are very different from their own. There’s a lot to work with here background-wise.

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