The State of Sinister

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Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride.

First off, thank you so much for all the support and interest I’ve received so far for Sinister. It is a big undertaking and I’m having a blast sharing it as it develops, instead of keeping everything under cover all the time. I thought I’d go ahead and give all of you a quick rundown of where we’re at, the State of Sinister if you will.

We began this journey in August 2011 with the simple idea of making a “sinister version of Pokemon”, a crazy monster hunting game tweaked by my mind to become another creature all together. Even in the short amount of setting work we’ve accomplished thus far, it is apparent that Sinister is not a clone of anything that has come before.


So far, we’ve introduced the history of the world, the destruction of civilization and the 100 years of terror that followed. In our wake, we’ve created the following 4 splats:

  • Shadow Valley, the land of perpetual darkness where all of the outcasts live
  • The Clean, those that caused the destruction, but shielded themselves from the aftermath
  • The Wylds, lands of overgrowth where human and animals alike are mutated and enhanced
  • The Wreckar, desert dwellers who focus on crafting the best monsters from tech

Already this creates a great atmosphere, and we have 4 more in the works and those should be posted very soon.


We’ve been working on a variety of different mechanics, trying to put together the best game possible. Attributes, Skills and a bunch of character creation ideas have been discussed already, so we are making progress. However, as other projects have piled on, Sinister’s mechanical development has been put on the back burner, still simmering, but not the main course.

The Old Plan

The idea of open development as I go along with the game is a solid one. Spitting out small amounts of information, little by little has worked for a bit. Unfortunately, as each month passes, I find that this pave isn’t enough for my own creative juices. It could be that dragging it out has allowed my brain too much rest in between posts. I got into the habit of writing just enough to post and then stopping until the next week, much different than my normal workflow.

The New Plan

My new idea is to release the ideas as they come, instead of holding some arbitrary “Sinister Friday” schedule. After a few more weeks, I’ll have a bunch of my current projects done and I plan on devoting real time to Sinister and getting the foundation of the game ready for playtesting. I’m hoping that it will be the very first open play test for Third Eye Games, so I’ll be looking for new and exciting ways to do that.

Once further along the road, we’ll be setting up a kickstarter for Sinister close to the end of 2012, for it to be released early 2013. I plan to develop 2 additional books and an accompanying card game. Yes, you read that right. How integrated the RPG and Card Game are mechanically still remains to be seen, but the hope is that 3 books and a game will be enough to cement Sinister as an amazing game. I’ll also be posting more on the card game mechanics and play soon.

Thank you to everyone that has stuck this out with me. We have a lot of great things planned for the future and Sinister isn’t going away any time soon.

Until next time.

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