The Finish Line Can Paralyze

Posted on March 28th, by firstoni in News. 1 Comment

One thing you’ll notice as a creative person is that your attention can be pulled in many different directions. This happens a lot particularly around the end of a project you may be working on. Your excitement convinces your brain that you are actually done and you start to look for the next new shiny project to work on, all the while you are only 90% done with the other.

I speak from current experience. I have about 5 projects (Camp Myth, Storm Battalion and a few freelance jobs as well) I’m working on and all of them are nearing completion. So, what do I do? I start looking at project #6 with wide eyes and drool on my chin. I had to snap myself out of my delusion, though. Need to finish a few things before I go on to the new shiny. Once you admit to yourself that you need to finish the things you started, it becomes easier to ignore the new shiny and press on.

Don’t be fooled. You’ll be happier with a finished product instead of several unfinished ones, trust me.

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  1. Jason Pitre says:

    You are absolutely right on that. The combination of new-project energy and the drive for perfectionism is such a powerful lure to keep projects unfinished. I have a backburner for potential new projects, specifically to try to maintain focus and to cross the finish line.

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