The Clean (Sinister RPG)

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Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride. 

The next nation idea that I have is a really good one, I think.

The world has been infected by the portal energy, but only one nation knew that it was going to happen before it did… the ones that caused it. They are the southeast of Shadow Valley and were the only nation to not be heavily affected by the destruction 100 years ago. They spent years harnessing the power of the portal energy, even bringing through many monsters before hand for their nation to use as slaves before anyone has seen one before. Experimenting with the energy in small doses allowed it to be measured and allowed them to learn how to weaponize this newfound power. The society sealed off their borders and unleashed the portal energy, causing the cataclysm that rocked the world. Their shields kept the energy at bay, leaving them the only untouched people in the world… the Clean. Their population is small, due to strict regulations put in place to save untainted resources. Otherwise, they would probably rule the world today. They are now leaving the comfort of their confines, wearing eco-suits that protect them from any kind of unclean elements that might exist outside of their borders.

I see these characters having a lot of either Technoids, from their augmenting beasts to their specifications, or portal beasts, since they were the first to have access and probably have some of the rarest species at their disposal. If there were ever an opposite splat to those from Shadow Valley, it would be the Clean.

Possible Character Creations

  • Skill Bonus: Something in Technology or Medicine. They are going to be really good at that, but not necessarily willing to do it for everyone.
  • Monster Bonus: They were the first to experiment on monsters, mostly with applying weapon “upgrades” to even the kindest of monsters. They’ll like give their monsters either extra damage or possibly give ranged attacked (mounted guns) to those that might not otherwise have them.
  • Social Penalty: Not only are they prideful, but they can’t truly get close to anyone due to their eco-suit. This limits the level of intimacy they can have without risking exposure.


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