The Background

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It’s interesting when you think about what it takes to be creative. You have to keep your mind motivated and on point to get out what you want (in my case, a certain amount of word count) and I use certain things in my background to keep me going. Certain music, TV, etc. For instance, I save a lot of TV shows, so I can watch them while I write specific material. I’m not that far through Supernatural, but I’m saving any more episodes to inspire me through some new API writing. I always watch a bit of Naruto before jumping into Wu Xing and I’ve begun watching Heroes again now that I’m working on a supers game. Not to take ideas from these shows or to emulate them, but to keep your mind on the same idea. Also, I can always put on the Gorillaz album, The Fall, and write any kind of material to. It just hits that certain groove for me.

What do you guys have going in your background?

Until next time.

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