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Storm Battalion Update

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So, for those of you who helped us out with the Storm Battalion IndieGoGo a while back, I just wanted to give some sort of update on that project. The book is written and almost completed with editing, but we ran into one HUGE snag… art. We previously had Rick Hershey on artwork for the game and he was turning in some great material early on, but after a series of miscommunications and disappearances, we’ve been forced to start the search for a new artist to fill the void. This game will definitely see the light in 2014, but it is a matter of timelines as to WHEN that will happen. I will definitely keep you all updated on what is going on with the project and hopefully keep you excited for what is to come in this awesome game!

Until next time.

New Year 2014 Update

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Hello all! This is our first official post of 2014 and I couldn’t be more excited for what we have in store for this coming year. I want to take a moment and just say how awesome it is that you guys made it possible for me to say that 2013 was my first full year of doing this whole publishing craziness full-time! Thanks to all the fans for that, totally. Now, on to updates. I’m going to be sectioning it out based on game line.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

Work is going on for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition and it is looking pretty awesome. Revamped DGS2.0 is coming along and looking quite spiffy, so look out for a kickstarter for API2E sometime in 2014.

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade

2013 was sadly devoid of new titles for Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, but 2014 won’t be the same way. We have Land of Crashing Waves in the works and hope to have that out in 2014. Keep an eye out.

Part-Time Gods

2014 will truly be the year for Part-Time Gods. Divine Instruments is almost done and hopefully will be out mid-January, but we also have Minions of the Source and Book of Theologies which will be making a … Read More »

Momentum Growing

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I just thought I’d share with you guys a bit of progress we’ve had recently:

– Camp Myth: The RPG is nearing completion. Last of art is on its way and we’re going into layout next week. Woot!

– Storm Battalion is 80% done with the writing portion,we’re just doing a few restructurings of the information and how it’s presented. Then we have the talented Rick Hershey doing art for us!

– Our new writer for Divine Instruments is nailing it and we’re even closer to getting a preliminary draft of that done sometime soon.

– Getting a map done for Sinister. Fun stuff!

Until next time.

My Impressions: IndieGoGo vs. Kickstarter

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So, the Storm Battalion IngieGoGo is now complete. It went ok, but not as great as I was hoping. I’ve heard for a while that IndieGoGo and Kickstarter competitors, that the only real difference between them was the fact IndieGoGo had an option to keep the money even if it wasn’t funded. But there are a few obvious and big different between the two:


The interface for updates is terrible on IndieGoGo. They give the option to use an image, video or text. The text is literally just a blurb, kind of like a tweet. they are emailed in a very unflattering, unattractive manner. Not terribly happy with that option.

When the Money Comes Out

IndieGoGo takes the money right away. This is a huge obstacle when dealing with backers on the fence or those in financial straights at the moment. There were quite a few people who said “man, if i just had the money right now”, which wouldn’t mean anything to Kickstarter. My usual response is “well, the money won’t come out until X date, so you have time to get it together”. I was left stumped with this conundrum with IndieGoGo.


There was just a ton less traffic than we usually … Read More »

Art is King

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I’ve been dealing a lot lately with artists. They are all awesome and the one’s I work with, luckily, are quick and responsive to any questions I have. I thought I’d tell you something about them!

Melissa Gay is currently working on some Camp Myth RPG stuff for us, doing some great pieces for the interior of the book. Her work is awesome, so I know it’ll make the game even cooler looking.

Marco Morte just finished the world map for Storm Battalion (currently on IndieGoGo). It came out amazingly, with the different nations easily discernible. Thanks Marco!

Regis Torres is doing a lot of art for Sinister at the moment. Great stuff that I can’t wait to share with you guys, probably some time next week!

Just thought I’d share.

Until next time!

Storm Battalion IndieGoGo

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If you haven’t seen it already, I wanted to hip you all to the IndieGoGo that Brennan Bishop is running for his new game, Storm Battalion. It is the first DGS-licensed game and will be published under Third Eye Games’ umbrella of products. It’s a pretty amazing game that you all should check out. Click HERE to check out the IndieGoGo campaign for Storm Battalion.

I’ve included the IndieGoGo video below and we’ve also added Storm Battalion to the main page.


Storm Battalion

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Storm Battalion

The storms have begun again, and the nations have sprung to war! The Americans and British tear each other apart, while the Canadian army rebels, the European Union hungers for advanced technology and the natives expand their lands in a quest for true sovereignty.

You’re dead, but you’ve returned once more. Which side will you pick in this war?

Storm Battalion… In Brief (Coming Soon)
Reviews and Interviews


Available Now!!!!
Storm Battalion (3EG601)

Preorder through IndieGoGo

Storm Battalion is a role-playing game set in an alternative history where the British and the United States wage a war in the wilderness of Canada. The prize of the fighting is the amazing energy provided by supernatural storms of unknown-origin. These storms twist reality and turn men and animals into creatures of almost limitless power, but few retain control over themselves. The British fight with advanced technology and remote control Teleautomatons powered by the storms themselves while the Americas have only their willpower and their astounding ability to take a licking and continue to fight. With the Canadians caught up in the storms and fighting to remain human and the independent Indigenous People’s nation caught in the middle, who will retain the spoils in a … Read More »

Demon-Ninja-Gods (Future Releases)

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Oh what good times were had at GenCon 2011! One of the best parts, for me, was the small gathering of fans that came to my Demon-Ninja-Gods Panel. In this panel, got to talk about the 3 gamelines that already exist, the sourcebooks coming for each one and also the new games that are coming in the next year (if i have anything to say about it). Thank you to those that came, but it’s time to make the info public for everyone now! Below are the highlights of the panel:

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

My very first gameline still has a really loyal fanbase and i can’t thank them enough. We talked a little bit about what the newest sourcebook, Demon Codex: Spectrals, adds to to the game and then went on to what will be next. The fans voted for it and we deliver. Next books are API Worldwide: South America, Demon Codex: Burners and then API Worldwide: Japan (which means kappas!).

Also, there was quite the buzz about API Savage World Edition. We are simply waiting for a few approvals from Pinnacle and then we’d begin layout. Our playtesters (and those that played in our GenCon 2011 game during Savage Saturday … Read More »

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