RPG Material

Third Eye Games is always looking for writers to work on upcoming projects, most of which use the DGS (Dynamic Gaming System). Others may use other systems, such as Savage Worlds, as well. Our releases are available via e-book (PDF download), Print and, at times, Print-on-Demand (PoD). We’re currently working on epub version as well.

What to submit

First… Please sure to read the “Submission Agreement” (Below). Then… Please be professional when submitting your work. This means: type it up neatly and present only the information that pertains to your submission. Send your submissions to eloy@thirdeyegames.net.

For Apocalypse Prevention Inc., we are looking to release a number of “Demon Codex” books to go deeper into the existing demon cultures and dimensions, as well as “API Worldwide” books to delve into the shadow company’s workings throughout the world.

For Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, we’re releasing clan books and nation books to build upon their world.

For Part-Time Gods, we’re releasing plenty of books to enhance play in the world, including new Theologies and news way to use divine power.

A one to two (1-2) page idea of a particular demon race, location, etc. would be optimal for a submission. We’d also love to hear a bit about you, your writing experience, and what games you currently play or have played, as well as what it is about Third Eye Games that intrigues you enough to want to put your name on our pages.

What NOT to submit

We are not looking for list of NPCs or monsters, demon write-ups with “kewl powerz” – but no substance, or short fiction pieces by themselves. These elements put together with some creativity and professionalism are acceptable. We’re also not soliciting for new settings at this time, as we have Apocalypse Prevention, Inc,Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, and Part-Time Gods already, as well as a few others in the pipeline. This may change in the future though, so keep an eye out.


If you are chosen as a contributor, payment is One cent ($0.015) per word. Most projects will include a combination of fiction, adventures, technical writing and mechanics, with a word count from 12,000 to 20,000.


We suggest sending an initial query letter to ensure we are interested in the basic idea for your Adventure and that we do not already have a similar idea in the works. Afterward, full submissions should include plot points and storyline, NPC write-ups, and anything else needed to fully play through the adventure.


We offer a rate of $0.01 for adventures, usually ranging from 5000 words for simple and 10,000 for more complex adventures.


If you’d like us to consider commissioning artwork from you for out next book, please send an email with your full name and a URL for your portfolio to eloy@thirdeyegames.net.


On average, we pay $25 per illustration, but often negotiate for more complex or larger pieces (up to $50). Color illustrations are usually double.

Submission Agreement

The purpose of this statement is to allow Third Eye Games to review submissions from individuals without fear that doing so will make Third Eye Games vulnerable to intellectual property theft lawsuits if there are coincidental similarities between the submission and a Third Eye Games product.

By sending a submission to Third Eye Games, You agree to the following:

I am submitting materials to Third Eye Games to be considered for possible commission of the ideas contained therein or possible hiring of myself as a writer, editor, or game designer. I certify that these materials are my intellectual property and that no other party holds a copyright, trademark or patent claim on them.

In exchange for such consideration, I indemnify Third Eye Games against any claims of infringement of copyright, trademark or patent that are based on a similarity between the materials I am submitting and a product that Third Eye Games subsequently created, with the following exception:

The indemnification is revoked only if a panel of 5 game-publishing industry experts, agreed upon by both myself and Third Eye Games, unanimously agrees, in good faith, that, in their opinion, there is a less than 1 in 100 chance that the similarities between my submission and the subsequent Third Eye Games product is because Third Eye Games independently created or would have independently created the product in absence of the submission. In other words, I will not seek damages unless a panel says there is a less than 1% chance Third Eye Games could have come up with this idea independently.

If the panel is going to be compensated in any way, I will pay the full cost of the compensation. Both I and Third Eye Games will have 30 days to submit evidence to this panel. After the panel has made their decision in good faith, neither party has the right to ask for any reconsideration.

Contract law of the United States and Florida shall apply. This agreement shall be deemed as being made in Florida.

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