Storm Battalion

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Storm Battalion

The storms have begun again, and the nations have sprung to war! The Americans and British tear each other apart, while the Canadian army rebels, the European Union hungers for advanced technology and the natives expand their lands in a quest for true sovereignty.

You’re dead, but you’ve returned once more. Which side will you pick in this war?

Storm Battalion… In Brief (Coming Soon)

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Storm Battalion is a role-playing game set in an alternative history where the British and the United States wage a war in the wilderness of Canada. The prize of the fighting is the amazing energy provided by supernatural storms of unknown-origin. These storms twist reality and turn men and animals into creatures of almost limitless power, but few retain control over themselves. The British fight with advanced technology and remote control Teleautomatons powered by the storms themselves while the Americas have only their willpower and their astounding ability to take a licking and continue to fight. With the Canadians caught up in the storms and fighting to remain human and the independent Indigenous People’s nation caught in the middle, who will retain the spoils in a time of tremendous and supernatural warfare?

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