Store Locator Launched

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Store Locator Launched

Those regular visitors to Third Eye Games will notice a new addition to the menu… the Store Locator. We’re happy to take your order here at our online store, but we also hope to be able to let you all know places where you can go to get your hands on our products, from Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. to Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade to Part-Time Gods.

To the Fans

What we need from you is to tell us the stores in your area that are carrying any Third Eye Game product, especially if it’s where you bought it… especially if you play the game there. We are asking you, the fans, to help us increase our exposure yes, but also to help us point other potential customers to your favorite local FLGS! We need to keep gaming stores alive and things like this are hopefully part of that!

Send me an e-mail at eloy@thirdeyegames.net with any Names, Addresses and other info for these FLGSs.

To Retailers

We want to drive business your way. The only way we can do that is if you let us know that you’re carrying our products. Even if you are only carrying one gameline, we’ll put you on the list and customers from everywhere will know that you’re the place to pick up their favorite games. So let’s help each other.

Don’t forget, as well, that Third Eye Games is a member of the Bits-And-Mortar program, so any print copy of a book bought at a store is eligible for a free companion PDF as well. More info here:

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