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As I’m sure some of you have noticed, there have been bursts of activity with stretches in between. I thought I’d jump on here and tell you just why that is. In short, I’m uber-busy, working on a ton of projects. So, let’s have a run down of those, shall we?

Mermaid Adventures

First off, the Kickstarter for Mermaid Adventures went swimmingly. So, i’m working hard to get that book done and out the door. Already on layout and working out a solid page count.

API Worldwide: South America

Same thing here. We’ve hit some snags in artwork, but we’re well on our way to releasing API Worldwide: South America pretty soon here.

Storm Battalion

We have a brand new game in the works, written by Brennan Bishop, called Storm Battalion. It’s going into playtesting, so keep and eye out for more information on that.


Sinister is progressing on the back end, but sadly isn’t a focus right now. Posts will continue to occur on Fridays, but it may not be “every” Friday for a bit. Maybe every other Friday while we are cleaning up some of these other projects.

Rolling 20s

I have a ton of recorded interviews and I’ve been working on a steady release schedule of 1 episode every 2 weeks. Hope everyone’s been enjoying the show so far, by the way.

Developing Future Books

We’re also currently developing Divine Instruments for Part-Time Gods, Wu Xing: Truth and Lies for Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, and Demon Codex: Burners for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

So yeah… busy busy busy. Thanks for your patience on the blog posts.

Until next time.

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