Splitting the Die (Sinister RPG)

Posted on May 15th, by firstoni in Blog. 1 Comment

Working on Sinister, I recently decided to make one more change that affects both the theme of the game and mechanics…. Switching from 1d20 to 2d10.

This change is huge for the DGS, which is a system that banks on the fact that you only need one die. But this is important to the game Sinister is shaping up to be. The 2d10 represents the trainer and the monster working together. Any time they try to do something alone, they only get one die, which reinforces the idea that there is a symbiosis between the two.

Playtest files are almost complete! I can’t wit to finally share them with you guys!

Until next time.

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  1. Jacob Wood says:

    I really like this concept. At least ou’re still only using one dice method, so it’s not a big departure from DGS.

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