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 The world went to hell a long time before you. You’ve lived in the wastelands your forefathers made with the tools their war has created… monsters.

Now! Pick your monster, train it in your style and battle your enemies in the hopes of leaving for Cloud Nation, a land of plenty where you can forget the ruins of the  old world and enter a new life.

Welcome to the Sinister Playtest

We’ve been talking about releasing the playtest files for this game to the public for a while (over a year, actually) and now is finally the time. We now have Playtest Version 1.0 ready to go. It’s not the whole game, but it’s what we have now and what needs to be tested (with lots of feedback from you!) to get the mechanics just right. The rules for Character Creation, Combat and the general Mechanics are included, as well as a character sheet, and we’ll be updating this file as Sinister continues to evolve, grow and change. It is currently devoid of art or anything super flashy, but that will come with time.

Please send any and all feedback you may have to eloy@thirdeyegames.net. Feel free to post about your experiences on your personal blogs or social media, or talk amongst the other 3EG fans on our Facebook Page, G+ Community or on Twitter!

Download: SinisterPlaytestV1.0

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5 responses to “Sinister RPG”

  1. Kirt Dankmyer says:

    So, okay, am I reading this correctly? This is sort of post-apocalyptic Pokemon, yes?

  2. […] <+EloyLasanta-3EG> Oh and Sinister RPG, this is currently an open beta on my web site ((Link: http://thirdeyegames.net/sinister-rpg/)http://thirdeyegames.net/sinister-rpg/) I always forget […]

  3. […] Let’s jump back a sec to Monte Cook Games. Yes, yes. I know I already talked about them but a bit of out of orderness can be Strange and since that’s what I’m bringing up next I figured it’d be appropriate. So the Strange is the second cypher system game from MCG and their Strange Bestiary just came out along with the Strange Creature Deck, a deck of cards with all of the monsters relevant and some flavorful text on it including the art. You can check those out or pick them up using the previous links. Next up is something I’ve been sort of keeping an eye out for because I think it’s just that cool. Sinister is a Post Apocalyptic Monster Battle RPG. If that doesn’t make too much sense I get the feeling it’s Fallout mashed up with Pokemon. If that peaks your interest as much as it did mine then you can pick up the playtest docs and read a bit more about Sinister here. […]

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