Signature Character #3 – Var (Sinister RPG)

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Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride. 

Today, we’re taking a look at our third Signature Character out of what will be a total of 8. This time around, it’s for The Wylds.

Meet Var.

Developing the Wylds more has revealed that they are a little less tribal than what I originally thought. As you see, Var isn’t wearing a loin clothe or anything. No, his people are more tribal than other nations, but are less “wilderness” tribal and more “post-apoc” tribal. Meaning, they’ve stayed away from the vast majority of technology (obviously with the exception of the monster control gloves), but they are far from primitive.

Var is a very compassionate character, but knows little about the world outside his tribe. Leaving the Wylds is a big step for him and one that he couldn’t do without his best friend, his monster. In this society, monsters are viewed as trusted friends and almost as creatures to emulate, which makes this one a fun character choice.

Even at the young age of 15, he’s already received some of the tattoos customary for his people. He has passed the adulthood trials (marked by the tattoos on his chin) and has taken a few others to mark importnat points in his life.

The character design for Var came out of a lot of awesome collaboration between myself and David Belnar, so i definitely want to give him props for actually adding to the setting, along with the rest of you.

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