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Here we are and it’s 2012! So excited for the possibilities that lay before us and my brain is racing with new ideas. I’ve been quiet, but there’s a reason for it. I’m working on tons of projects at the moment, so I thought I’d fill everyone in one on what’s going on here at Third Eye Games central.

Work on upcoming books

API Worldwide: South America, Wu Xing: Truth and Lies, API Savage Worlds all being worked on diligently. I’m banging a lot of this stuff out and editing like a madman, but we have some awesome stuff coming out for you through the first half of the year, fo sho! Bahati and Storm Battalion are both nearing playtest phases as well, so keep an eye out for playtest open calls. We’re even starting to throw ideas around for the later year releases like Demon Codex: Burners and Divine Instruments. 😀

Mermaid Adventures

If you missed it at the Back Room Chat Room, I am also in the development stages for a new game, geared toward younger gamers called, affectionately, Mermaid Adventures. Players will take the role of mermaid having tons of fun undersea adventures with a simple mechanic to it all. Should be a lot of great stuff to come out of that one.

Rolling 20s and Sinister

Sinister posts will be back next week, going strong on Fridays once more. The Rolling 20s Podcast will be back as well, starting with a great interview with Phil Vecchione of Gnome Stew.


My brain has been obsessed lately with reaching out to the customer and figuring out what I can do to spread the name. We launched the Store Locator on the site, many of those stores i have had conversations with, and I just put up the 3EG Adept Program to hopefully bring those fans that are passionate about our games into the fold to help us out. Not to mention the tons of site revisions i’ve done lately, especially to the main gameline pages. I have spent a lot of time working on a slew of banners and research advertising routes.Wish me luck there.

Other Secret Games

I am also working on a brand new setting 9to come out after Sinister) and another cool RPG that I am developing in my spare time with a friend of mine. Both are WAY too early to actually say anything about them,  but expect good things.

That should all give you some sort of clue as to what i’m working with here, but rest assured that I will continue to update my blog and give regular updates now that out from under my holiday pile.

Until next time all!

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