Release Schedule

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Release Schedule

2012 Releases

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

3EG001SW Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. – Savage Worlds Edition

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade

3EG104 Truth and Lies (Coming Soon)

2013 Releases

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

Demon Codex: Burners

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade

3Eg105 Land of Crashing Waves – Take a look at the kingdom to the west, across the ocean where ninja clash over politics. As allies to the Izou Empire, they walk a thin line, as they are not as against ninja as the Emperor.

Part-Time Gods

3EG202 Divine Instruments – An exploration into Worshippers, Territory and Relics in the great setting of Part-Time Gods.

3EG203 Minions of the Source – A look at many more deadly monsters created by the Source, and discussions on what the Source truly is.

Mermaid Adventures

3Eg402 Thimble – New setting using the Mermaid Adventures rules, where players take the role of little people who live in the walls.

Camp Myth the RPG

3EG501 – Camp Myth – Using the Mythic PIP System, players can become mythical creatures who go to a summer camp of adventure and excitement!


3Eg601 Sinister RPG – A post-apolalyptic look at the monster trainer genre, Sinister looks at what it’s like to be a trainer when your life is on the line. Follow Sinister’s development HERE.

Storm Battalion

3EG301 Storm Battalion – Set in an alternate history of Canada, brand new wars have erupted for control of dimensional storms, capable of powering massive weapons of destruction.

Card Games

3EGTP1 – Top Billing – A game of movie making fun!

Sinister Battle Card Game – Two players use their monsters to take out the other in an epic duel. Inspired by the Sinister RPG.

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  1. the NPC says:

    Why the change in format? No forums?

    Also, any word on Divine Instruments and a official release date for Minions of the Source?

    You have money. It’s just waiting for you… sad and alone…

    • firstoni says:

      I’m planning on posting a Blog about the change. Keep an eye out.

      Divine Instruments Kickstarter should be up soon. I’m hoping in March. Keep my money in a safe place until then. 😛

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