Prepping for MomoCon

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It’s hard to say why I don’t prepare ahead of time for a con. It’s one of those things where I procrastinate. So, MomoCon is tomorrow and I’m leaving at 4am in the morning for a 7 hour drive, yet I don’t have my bags packed. I’m so unprepared. So, what are the things that I need to pack?

Novelty T-shirts

Very important for any con-goer. You need to wear shirts that will bring attention to you. This is an anime con, so I have my NERD (Eva Style) shirt that must be worn. And then of course, I have a few Third Eye Games shirts I need to sport as well. Thinking about it, now, I bet I’m going to have quite a few wardrobe changes.

Games to Play

I have two games I’m running, Wu Xing and Part-Time Gods, complete with pregens, dice and all kinds of crazy. Along with me, as well, I’m bringing along a copy of Top Billing, my upcoming movie making card game, in case I can run a quick pickup game, but I’m also bringing my copy of Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game to see if I can get a game of THAT going. I have yet to try being a Cylon leader, so I may do that this weekend!

Speaking Voice

The most important thing I’m bringing with me is my speaking voice. I’m going to have a lot of fan to talk to, panels to speak on and games to run. A publisher’s voice becomes the center of everything. I’ve been coddling my voice with yogurt and Halls, so I hope to not have any problems. I also need it to squeal over the Mass Effect guests that will be there. Even guests get to have our moments of fanboydom!

Everyone have a great weekend!

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  1. S. Wright says:

    Ah, the burden of fame!

    It sounds to me like you are prepared enough. I trust the Wu and PTG games you’re running are already prepped and playtested, so what’s the trouble? Packing? psh! That’s a last minute detail anyway.



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