Polarizing Power of Fish

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So, i got a review of Demon Codex: Lochs today. It was a 5 out of 5 and a lot of positivity, so i’m happy about that. It brings me back to the days when Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. first came out and people got their first look at my vision of what an aquatic being would be like. They look at the clever drawing (done by the very talented Kat Burress) of the over-sized fish-person with kind eyes, long cat-fish whiskers and… wait for it… surfer jams.

The first camp of people go “Are. Those. Jams?” When i nod and smile, they do a confused smile back and put the book back on the shelf. After that happened a couple of times, i asked someone why and i got the following:

“Well, they are already limited if there’s no water in the adventure and you went and made them jokes on top of it. I don’t think i’d ever play one of those.”

I was completely taken aback about it (and cried gold-plated tears of a rapper about it), cause i put a lot of work into their history, mindset and how they fit into the world. But from one picture of a signature character that happens to be a surfer when not on duty – hence the jams – players just write the off entirely.

The other camp, of course, are those that go “Man, he looks awesome! Are those jams? Nice!” I assume its because they also read the bit about the game not taking itself too seriously and that every character is an individual first and their race second (just like it should be). After cracking the book and reading up on the Lochs and their background, most come to really love them, but it was hard to get people to recognize that in the core book.

And so it came time for the first race book to be written. Canada was already out and was doing quite well, except for the “Ewww, Canada, really?” that i got from people (will it never stop!?!?). For me, the decision was and easy one too… Lochs, hands down. Why? Are they my favorite race? Nope. Burners definitely take that role in my heart. But there were so many that said that the lochs had no place in the world or in their groups… and i wanted to show them that they were wrong. It was a challenge.

And yes, i reused the artwork for Jonah (the sig character for the Lochs) from the corebook on the cover. The reasons were mixed. My budgets were lower back then, i was still experimenting with different design elements and I really wanted to take a stand against those that hated the pic of Jonah. Kind of a passive agressive rebellion going on that only I knew about. Well, and now all of you of course. 🙂

In the end, i think i proved my point nicely.

Until next time.

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