Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #4

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Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #4


We have a good number of Add-ons for this Kickstarter (the first time we’re really going hardcore with them). the one we’re most excited for is the ability to get a copy of Part-Time Gods in hardcover! I know a lot of people have asked me about this, and it becomes a much better prospect when attached to a Kickstarter like this one.

Check out the others too!

Part-Time Gods Hardcover (+$15)

Make sure you are backing this Kickstarter at a tier where you get the print copy of the Part-Time Gods corebook and add $15 to make it a hardcover edition. Those pledging at the retailer level need to add $15 per corebook they want to upgrade.

“The God is In” T-Shirt (+$10)

Get yourself a t-shirt to show your support at cons or around town! This t-shirt turns heads!

Part-Time Gods Poster (+$5)

This beautifully illustrated poster is great to decorate any room or office. It’s a conversation starter for sure!

Character Pack #1 (+$5)

Contains 8 laminated pregenerated character. Pack #1 has the characters from the  Part-Time Gods corebook, including Penelope, the goddess of Liquor and Ben, the god of storms.

Character Pack #2 (+$5)

Contains 8 laminated pregenerated character. Pack #2 has new playable characters featured in Divine Instruments (and other stretch goals)

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