Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #3

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Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #3

PDF Expansions

If the full sourcebooks sound good to you, then you’re going to love the PDF Expansions we have planned. Each of these has it’s own Stretch goal and hitting it unlocks it as a free product for everyone who has backed the Kickstarter at any level.

  1. Harder They Fall: Expanding on rules for Giants and what they are up to in the modern day!
  2. Return of Dragons: Dragons left the Earth long ago and only now returning. What are they after?
  3. Angels Among Us: The gods were regarded as angels during the god wars. What became of these holy creatures?
  4. The World According to Pucks: Get the pucks-eye-view of the wicked ways of chaos. More Puck types and monster options!

The Others

With the Sourcebooks and Expansions out of the way, we have two other fun stretch goals for you.

Part-Time Gods Anthology

I’m compiling a nice group of writers, from John Wick to Jacob Wood to Jack Norris, and combining all their efforts into an awesome book of short stories set in the world of Part-Time Gods!

Part-Time Gods Fate Conversion

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally ready to do it! We’re going to be converting Part-Time Gods from DGS-Lite to Fate, bringing the system’s intrinsic storytelling aspects to Part-Time Gods. We hope you’re excited for this too!

As awesome as all that sounds. We have even more stretch goals planned if we get through all of these quickly. See you there!

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