Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #2

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Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #2

Full Sourcebooks

Today, we’re revealing what we have up our sleeves regarding the sourcebooks that will be accompanying Divine Instruments during this Kickstarter. Once Divine Instruments has reached its goal, that’s when these come into play! We’re super excited about these:

Minions of the Source

This is the book I’ve been wanting to work on for a while. It takes a deep look at the Source from multiple angles and figures out its true purpose. Could it possibly be an enemy? Or is it just the victim of the gods’ jealousy? Or does it have it’s own agenda with nothing to do with the gods at all? We’ll be giving you plenty of ammunition to use to enhance your stories, as well as a bunch of new Outsiders for your characters to combat.

Book of Theologies

The Book of Theologies is going to be a great book, delving into the motivations and structure of the existing Theologies. We’ll be describing their centers of power, how to use them in your stories and what can happen is a god exists for too long without one. On top of that, we’ll be giving a bunch of brand new Theologies for you to choose from.

Between Worlds

Ever thought of traveling to other dimensions with your Part-Time Gods? Maybe taking a trip to Asgard or Olympus? This is the book for you then! Between Worlds is going to detail how to open portals and the perils that await you beyond the void. This book will also give fans a look at some of the old gods that still exist and what they are up to now.

So, overall, this lineup alone is enough for an awesome Kickstarter. But we have more!

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