Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #1

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Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #1

We’ve been talking about it and hyping it for a while now, but now the next Part-Time Gods Kickstarter is approved and ready to launch on September 3, 2013! Leading up to the launch, we’ll be posting some blogs to give you sneak peaks at the kinds of things we’ll have for the Kickstarter. First off, the name:

Divine Instruments and Beyond for Part-Time Gods!

Yep, this Kickstarter starts with getting funding for the first new sourcebook for Part-Time Gods in two years: Divine Instruments. This book focuses on 3 aspects of the game that fans have been really looking for expansion: Worshippers, Relics and Territory. There’s new theologies and lots of new character creation options for this books, so we know fans of Part-Time Gods will be happy with this awesome book!

Then comes the “An Beyond!” part. After the initial goal is reached, we have a ton of Stretch Goals, which includes PDF Expansions and Full Sourcebooks. PDF Expansions will be downloadable rules expansions for Part-Time Gods that, when they are completed, will become available to anyone who has backed the Kickstarter at any level. Full Sourcebooks will be just like Divine Instruments, with the full book treatment, and will be added to the Add-ons section so you can pick and choose which sourcebooks you want by just adding a little bit to your pledge.

We have a lot of stretch goals and even a few we’re keeping secret for right now.

So, mark it on your calendar – September 3, 2013. And be sure to check out this weeks blogs as well!

Until next time.

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