Part-Time Gods – Cleanup Complete

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Part-Time Gods – Cleanup Complete

For my first order of business as a full-time game designer now, I decided to tackle something that’s been bothering me for some time now. Part-Time Gods has received so many great reviews and comments and love from the fans, but everyone has said the same thing… editing could have been tighter. I took a little bit of time and skimmed the book to find, to my horror, it was riddled with misspelling and mysterious dashes that made no sense. So, I sat down, cracked my knuckles, put coffee on the burner and spent a lot of time going through the InDesign files to clean up the grammar, phrasing clarity, and spelling.

I didn’t stop there, however. I’ve been listening to feedback from the fans I’ve collected over time and took this opportunity to put a few changes into the game. Altering the Blast Manifestation and adding another way to Boost are just a couple examples of these changes. It’s the same awesome Part-Time Gods, but this revised version makes it that much stronger of a game.

What does this mean for you? It means you should have received a notification of a new version of the PDF if you’ve purchased the game from either the 3EG Online Store or DriveThruRPG. The awesome fans that helped out with the Kickstarter will get a new link to get the new copy. 🙂 This also means physical copies purchased from this point on will be cleaner as well. There may be a few other copies still floating around there, but it’s cool since the purchase of either will still net you the updated PDF, since we’re a member of the Bits-and-Mortar program.

This is the just the start of 2013, people! We have a ton of other great projects coming out, so be sure to keep up with us.

Until next time.

6 responses to “Part-Time Gods – Cleanup Complete”

  1. Robert Slaughter says:

    Did you add the table that shows base melee damge from Strength?

    Also, several of the pregens seem to have the wrong melee damage numbers.

    • firstoni says:

      I don’t understand what you mean by “base melee damage from strength”. There’s a weapon chart that shows all the damage values for weapons already in the game. I’m also not seeing how their damage is incorrect. Can you elaborate on your question?

  2. the NPC says:

    Glad you cleaned it up, but sadness since I got a physical copy from

  3. the NPC says:

    Also, any thoughts on releasing the traits or entitlements that were made in the forums but approved by you as a kind of web enhancement? Especially now that the forums are gone?

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