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Eloy’s GenCon 2016 Recap

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Hey everyone!

I had an amazing GenCon 2016! I wanted to share some of the awesome with you!

The Booth

This year we had a new setup for the booth. Instead of having a full 10×10 corner booth from Studio2, we bought a table setup from the Indie Game Developer’s Network. That meant we didn’t need as many people to run the booth too, which was nice, so it was primarily me, Kristen, and Luke, with Patrick pinch-hitting here and there to help out. We got to prominently display our Third Eye Games-ness all over the place and still represent the IGDN well, I think. We have, of course, the awesome table-cloth as well, which I think is still a huge draw for most.

This year was the first that we didn’t have our name listed in booklet, though. We were just part of the IGDN booth, so I had a ton of messages saying “What booth are you at? I checked the book and can’t find you!” So, I’ll likely list us separately again next year to try to make that work a little better.

Cheese Weasel was amazing this year again. Lots of great new people were introduced to our games because of … Read More »

Find us at GenCon2016!

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Here’s a map of where to find Third Eye Games at GenCon 2016! We’re at booth 2311! Come and say hi (and buy something)!

3EG GenCon 2016 Game Schedule

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GenCon Event registration is up and running, so now’s the best time for me to let you in on the games Third Eye Games is running this year! We have the whole gambit of our games being represented in our almost 30 games, as well as our newest RPG, Sins of the Father. Do take a look at the list and get your event tickets now before they are gone!

Event Number

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition
Blue Card Duty
Thurs, 10am
Marriott 7/8
Joseph Wolz

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition
The Nobleman’s Daughter
Thurs, 10am
Marriott 7/8
Carol Darnell

Part-Time Gods of Fate
The Cats of Springfield
Thurs, 2pm
Marriott 7/8
Encoded Designs

Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes
Thurs, 2pm
Marriott 7/8
Alisdair Lyons

Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes
Toothpick Joust
Thurs, 4pm
Marriott 7/8
Alisdair Lyons

Storm Battalion
All’s Riot on the Northern Front
Thurs, 6pm
Marriott 7/8
Ian Howard

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition
The Nobleman’s Daughter
Thurs, 6pm
Marriott – Indiana Blrm G – Table 5
Karl Olson

Part-Time Gods
Fear Itself
Thurs, 6pm
Marriott 7/8
Eloy Lasanta

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition
Trial of the Lotus
Fri, 10am
Marriott – Indiana Blrm G – Table 4
Darrell Hayhurst

Camp Myth: The RPG
The Talent Show
Fri, 10am
Marriott 7/8
Derek Kamal

Sins of the Father
Welcome to the Family
Fri, 10am
Marriott 7/8
Eloy Lasanta

Part-Time Gods
Fear Itself
Fri, 2pm
Marriott 7/8
Carol Darnell

AMP: Year One
Evolution of Apex
Fri, 2pm
Marriott – Indiana Blrm G – Table 4
Dwayne Stewart

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition
Switching Rythym
Fri, 2pm
Marriott – … Read More »

Pip System Corebook Now in Development

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A few years ago, I had this crazy idea. What if Third Eye Games made a family-style game that kids could grasp, but parents and adults could have fun playing as well!? Thus, Mermaid Adventures was born, with Camp Myth: The RPG and Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes to follow, each nominated for the Best Family Game at the ENnie Awards in their respective years. It did start out crazy, and I remember people thinking that targeting RPGs at kids was just a silly idea… but I believe that the industry has proved the naysayers wrong.

The next step for 2016 seems logical: Create a corebook for the Pip System to solidify the system and give people the ability to make their own games. On top of that, we’re already working to revamp our original settings and develop half a dozen others to be bundled together in an awesome Kickstarter later this year. While we’re continuing to release our own Pip System settings, Third Eye Games will have easy-to-use licensing rules in place upon launch, so you can release your own material, whether professional or just fan work!

We’re very excited about this new venture and will have more info on system tweaks, dates and info for the … Read More »

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Preorders Available

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It’s time to muster for battle. Third Eye Games is now taking pre-orders for The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition hardcover, coming this April. Even if you missed the Kickstarter, there’s still time to be among the first to get your copy of this beautifully illustrated game of high-flying martial arts action.

Click here to preorder!

In The Ninja Crusade, you’ll play as ninja battling against the evil Izou Empire which seeks to eradicate your kind. Make tenuous alliances with other clans and summon spirit animals to aid you in your fight for survival. You’ll need to forge strong bonds if you wish to outlast your enemy, but that isn’t always easy when the ones you’re new allies were once your enemies as well.

Reserve your print edition of The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition today and get a free copy of the PDF to get started in your adventures. Visit the 3EG Online Store to place your order now.

AMP: Year Three Kickstarter is Live!

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Third Eye Games is back on Kickstarter with AMP: Year Three, the next stage of evolution in the modern supers RPG. This game continues the story begun in AMP: Year One; people with accelerated mutant potential have been discovered and humankind hasn’t responded well. This year it’s an all-out war between SAPs, normal humans, and AMPs. 

AMP: Year One quietly introduced supers to the world. In AMP: Year Two their secrets were discovered and humanity responded as it often does—with fear. In AMP: Year Three it’s all come to a head and the war between humanity and their perceived threat rages. What will happen next is up to you—build your AMPs or SAPs and enter anywhere in the timeline you choose. Just remember one thing: there are no heroes or villains , only hard choices. 

Third Eye Games is raising funds on Kickstarter to get this new book into your hands and onto your gaming tables. To help with that goal, we’re offering free shipping on all print orders to anyone in the world. We’re also throwing in a GM screen to help your games run smoothly.

We’re looking for $8,000 for funding and are already over 70%! Speed, fly, or teleport over to the Kickstarter campaign page to pledge your support.

Kickstarter Link: 

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Out in PDF

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Pick your Clan…

Pick your Jutsu…

Take on an army!

Third Eye Games presents The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, an RPG of mysticism and high-flying martial arts. This edition expands the world of ninja and introduces an entirely new system designed from the ground up to deliver intense anime-inspired action and creative storytelling.

In this game, you’ll build your ninja using a life-path character creation system, create tenuous truces with members of rival clans, and use your jutsu against the evil Izou Empire whose mission is to wipe your kind from the face of the planet.

The new Chakra System provides plenty of depth without sacrificing flexibility. Choose from 10 ninja clans (plus an 11th clanless option), power up with jutsu chosen from 20 jutsu paths and select from skills and backgrounds to define your character.

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition is now available in PDF with a hardcover print edition coming soon. Capture your copy today at DriveThruRPG or the 3EG Online Store.

Coming Soon: Sins of the Father RPG

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Welcome to life as a Hellborn.

Many generations ago, one of your long-forgotten ancestors sold their soul in exchange for having their wishes granted. Everything was fine until they were on their deathbed and it was time to pay. The only way to maintain ownership of their immortal soul was to pass their debts onto their children, and so the cycle has continued from generation to generation.

Now it’s your turn. Life can be a piece of cake if you’re willing to make a few sacrifices and serve the will of your Dark Lord now and again. Of course, refusing their commands can make your life much, much harder as well.

Sins of the Father is an upcoming RPG from Third Eye Games. You play a Hellborn — someone whose soul was traded to an evil entity long before you were conceived. It’s up to you whether to continue the cycle of servitude and damn your children’s children or to take back your own free will and put an end to your dark legacy once and for all.

Don’t be slothful! If your interested in helping with playtesting the new system created for Sins of the Father, then please email

This game will be … Read More »

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Kickstarter is Live

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The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, Third Eye Games’ RPG of high-flying martial arts action, is now on Kickstarter.

In The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, players take the role of individual ninja from a variety of clans and backgrounds, crafting their personalities and experience with our new Lifepath-style system. Taking inspiration from plenty of martial arts movies, like the Sorcerer and the Snake orSeven Samurai, mixed with anime influences like Naruto: Shippuden, Avatar: The Last Airbender or Basilisk, we at Third Eye Games have put together the ultimate ninja RPG.

We’ve focused our third eye to design the Chakra System, an all-new system we’ve built from the ground up to deliver a unique experience. The engine emulates fast-paced martial arts fights by allowing a variety of attacks, counters, and interrupts that keep the action flowing.

We’re raising $12,000 USD or more to put this spectacular hardback book into your hands and onto your gaming tables. Visit the Kickstarter campaign page between October 6th and November 5th, 2015, to pledge your support.

2015 Open Call for New Writers

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Third Eye Games is looking for new writers to help grow our ever-expanding game lines. If you enjoy writing and game design, we encourage you to apply.

We’re seeking talented authors who can help round out a few of our upcoming projects, so familiarity with Third Eye Games’ products is helpful.  You don’t need to inquire about a specific game line when applying, but if you have a preference please indicate it in your letter of interest.

Third Eye Games is proud to highlight a diverse range of talent. Anyone is welcome to apply, but women, people of color, and other minorities are highly encouraged to submit an application for consideration.

If you’re interested in working with Third Eye Games, please e-mail a letter of interest, a list of your experience (if applicable) and a short writing sample to  If you don’t have any previously established work, you’re welcome to write a 500 word entry for any one of our game lines; a new Theology for Part-Time Gods, a new faction for AMP: Year One, etc. Anything that shows off your writing talents.

Submissions (or any questions) can be sent in by Sept 30, 2015 to be considered for selection for current projects.

AMP: Year Two PDF Now Available!

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The year of fear has begun. In 2015, people with Accelerated Mutant Potential (AMPs) began emerging from every corner of the world. As their presence becomes more widely known, the realization that super-powered people can be dangerous has begun to sink in. Now it’s 2016 and the decisions we must make in light of these new truths are going to be harder than ever.

AMP: Year Two continues the story begun in AMP: Year One, Third Eye Games’ modern Supers RPG. It advances the storyline into 2016 and introduces four new Affiliations—organizations your characters may be part of… or may find themselves fighting against. This new supplement also expands on the world outside North America and details what has been happening around the globe.

In addition to advancing the game’s meta-plot, AMP: Year Two introduces one new power for each Strain and rules for Gadgeteering, a power available to both AMPs and Saps (regular people).  There’s something for everyone in this sourcebook.

AMP: Year Two is now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG and the 3EG Online Store. Get your copy today to find out what’s happening in the world now that AMPs are everywhere.

Part-Time Gods of Fate Kickstarter Live!

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Third Eye Games and Encoded Designs are proud to announce the launch of the Part-Time Gods of Fate Kickstarter. This game combines the world of Part-Time Gods, one of 3EG’s best-selling game lines, with the popular Fate Core game system. The result is nothing short of divine.

Originally released in 2011 using the DGS Lite system, Part-Time Gods is a game about mortals who have gained the spark of divinity and are thrust into the ranks of godhood. Despite your newfound powers and followers, being a god doesn’t pay the bills—sure, being the God of Weather has its perks (can we say “snow day”?) but you still need to be able to feed your family.

Encoded Designs has been working hard at bringing the feeling of this groundbreaking RPG to the Fate Core system. Like a god having to balance their mortal and divine life, they’ve managed to keep the feeling of the original without losing what it means to be a game Powered by Fate.

Part-Time Gods of Fate is written, playtested, and already in layout. Eloy Lasanta has a great deal of experience getting books from Kickstarter to your hands in a timely manner, and we expect this to be completed … Read More »

3EG GenCon 2015 Game Schedule

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Hey all!

Third Eye Games is going to be REALLY big this year! We have a number of awesome games ready of you to join and play. In fact, there are 22 events going on this year, the most we’ve ever done, thanks to a number of talents volunteers who are running our games.

So, take a moment and jot down the times and locations so you can make sure you are there to play in our games!

Event Number

Part-Time Gods
Fear Itself
10am, Thurs
Marriott 7/8
Carol Darnell

AMP: Year One
By A Scalpel’s Edge
2pm, Thurs
Marriott 7/8
Carol Darnell

Part-Time Gods
The Assault
5pm, Thurs
JW : 314 : 6
Danny Jorgenson

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition
Ghost Road
8pm, Thurs
Marriott 7/8
Eloy Lasanta

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Savage Worlds
Danger at the Mine
8pm, Thurs
Marriott 7/8
Chris Fuchs

The Coming of the Preacher
8pm, Thurs
Marriott 7/8
Chris Sneizak

AMP: Year One
Evolution of Apex
8pm, Thurs
Marriott 7/8
Dwayne Stewart

Part-Time Gods
The Assault
9am, Fri
JW: 208: 4
Danny Jorgenson

Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes
Toothpick Joust
10am, Fri
Marriott 7/8
Jacob Wood

AMP: Year One
Attack of the Buzz
10am, Fri
Marriott 7/8
Eloy Lasanta

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition
Blue Card Duty
10am, Fri
Marriott 7/8
Carol Darnell

Part-Time Gods of FATE
The Coming of the Preacher
12pm, Fri
Marriott 7/8
Phil Vecchione

Ninja Crusade
Switching Rhythm
2pm, Fri
Marriott 7/8
John K

AMP: Year One
White Knight
2pm, Fri
Marriott 7/8
Dwayne Stewart

Camp Myth: The RPG
Ballad of Becky Banshee
6pm, Fri
Marriott 7/8
Melissa Goad

AMP: Year One
Evolution of Apex
8pm, Fri
Marriott 7/8
Dwayne … Read More »

AMP: Year Two Kickstarter is Live

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AMP: Year Two Kickstarter Continues the Modern Supers RPG into 2016

Last year, AMP: Year One made tidal waves in the RPG community with its unique take on modern superhero gaming. After raising 250% of its funding goal on Kickstarter, it launched just in time for Summer convention season to outstanding reviews. The game was nominated for several Best of 2014 awards, but like any good action star it didn’t sit around waiting for things to happen.

Enter AMP: Year Two, now on Kickstarter. AMP: Year Two continues the timeline set forth by the Year One storyline and adds plenty of new options for GMs and players. The first sourcebook for AMP: Year One includes four new Affiliations, nine new Powers, and the oft-requested Gadgeteering rules which are essential for non-AMPs to compete against their counterparts.

As the 11th successful Kickstarter campaign for Third Eye Games, veteran Eloy Lasanta knows how to deliver on promises. Visit the AMP: Year Two Kickstarter page to join.


Call for GenCon 2015 GMs

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Hello everyone!

Third Eye Games is currently looking for volunteer GMs to help us out with running some of our games for GenCon 2015. We had 4 volunteers last year, which allowed us to have a great showing for AMP: Year One, as well as run a plethora of sessions for our other gamelines. Everyone walked away a winner and it was awesome.

Now, for 2015, we need even more help. The demand for more 3EG games is out there, so here’s what I need from you if you’re interested:

What game(s) you’d like to run
How many sessions (of each game) you’re up for running
Any particular days/times you won’t be available?

Running a certain number of games (3 standard 4-hour games, I believe, is the magic number) means you’ll receive a GM-badge for free, as well. Not to mention free swag from Third Eye Games for helping us out. If you were already planning on running one of our games anyway, definitely contact us. We can make your game official and get you free stuff.

If you are interested, please email me at so I can add you to the list of GMs. Feel free to use that email to send any questions you may … Read More »

New Years 2015 Update

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Wow! 2014 was quite the year for us. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Home Life

2014 marked the second year of me doing Third Eye Games full-time. My family closed on our first home and began creating so many more new traditions and memories here. My wife’s career has taken off, and my kids have blossomed in their new schools. Starting in 2015, I finally have health insurance, which is a new thing for me. I’m a grownup now, right?


This year I hit a few new opportunities for freelancing. I contributed an article to Unframed, a guide for improvisational GMing from Engine Publishing. I help Preston Poland bring his awesome game Robotic Age to market with some creative layout and editing. I think the biggest gig I got in 2014 was the writing I did for the Firefly RPG from Margaret Weis Productions. I didn’t get to contribute to the corebook, but I got to throw a lot of words at the first sourcebook, Things Don’t Go Smooth. More to come in 2015. As for other projects in 2015, I still owe a few people some words and I’m picking up more writing and layout every week. Lots of fun stuff.

Third Eye … Read More »

Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes – PDF Available

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Pick your pest, don your bottlecap helmet, and prepare to take over This House. Infestation, an RPG of Bugs and Heroes, is ready to take the world by swarm.

This House is the filthiest domicile known to man, making it the perfect place for you and your fellow bugs. The only problem is, there are a dozen or more insect species who also want to call This House their home. If it weren’t for the Critter Council it would be an all-out war to see which insect race will dominate the entire domain.

Powered by the Pip System, known for such award-nominated games as Mermaid Adventures and Camp Myth: the RPG, Infestation is a new family-friendly RPG from Third Eye Games. In this game, you’ll choose from twelve playable bug species to build your own unique characters. Take your flies, spiders, ticks, and stinkbugs on wild adventures or hunt for Bug Magic items.

Infestation is now available in PDF at DriveThruRPG and the 3EG Online Store. Get your copy today and discover what grimy goodies await!

Angels Among Us (Part-Time Gods) Out Now!

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The latest sourcebook for Part-Time Gods, Third Eye Games’ RPG of divine mortals, is now available. Angels Among Us offers a look at the Nephilim, a race of half-angels who survived the God Wars and are the only ones who know the fate of the realm known only as Heaven.

In this book, you’ll unlock the Nephilim as a playable option, learn about their angelic houses and gain all new powers to rival those of the gods themselves. It also includes an all-new adventure designed to introduce the Nephilim and their role to the larger Part-Time Gods universe.

Angels Among Us is a 25-page PDF written by Steven Markley and Eloy Lasanta, with art by Melissa Gay and Jann Galino. Get your copy today from DriveThruRPG or the 3EG Online Store and dive into the intrigue surrounding this venerable race.

Evolution of Apex (AMP: Year One) Now Available!

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A severely mutating AMP has gone missing from her medical facility. The AMPs must track her down and make the ultimate decision: What is Apex’s fate?

In this exciting new AMP: Year One adventure by Bill Bodden, you’ll discover the mystery behind Apex’s disappearance and be faced with tough decisions about what to do when the truth is revealed. Evolution of Apex is an 18-page adventure for novice and veteran AMPs alike.

Available from DriveThruRPG and the 3EG Online Store, you can now get your hands on the next adventure set in the AMP: Year One universe.

Pick up Evolution of Apex today! If you like it, be sure to check out our other adventure, Attack of the Buzz, too!

Eloy’s VeeLog #14: Post Kickstarter – A Little of Everything!

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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition – Kickstarter (FUNDED)

Land of Crashing Waves and preliminary work on WX2E

Angels Among Us ready for editing

AMP: Year Two

Storm Battalion Playtests (Email me at if you’re interested in playtesting)

Sinister works beginning again (Download the latest BETA)

Holiday Grab Bags

Get Your 3EG Holiday Grab Bags!

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3EG Holiday Grab Bags

This holiday season, Third Eye Games is giving the gift of a fantastic value wrapped up in an exciting package. From now through January 2, 2015, you can get a 3EG Holiday Grab Bag and enjoy a fun surprise—even if you’re getting something for yourself, you won’t know exactly what you’ll be unwrapping!

In each Holiday Grab Bag, you’ll get:

1 random core book
2 random sourcebooks
1 T-shirt (size of choice)
1 bonus prize (a character pack, poster, dice bag, or some other swag)

All for $55 (that’s 40% savings)! Everything is guaranteed to be from Third Eye Games’ expansive library, but the specifics are anybody’s guess. Will you get a fresh new copy of AMP: Year One or a copy of the ENnie-Nominated Mermaid Adventures? Perhaps you’ll get that Part-Time Gods sourcebook you’ve had your eye on, or maybe you’ll get a Wu Xing supplement to give you a hint at what the system has to offer.

Each Holiday Grab Bag is different, so even if you bought one for each person in your gaming group you wouldn’t know who gets what! In fact, these grab bags make great holiday gifts for any gamer in your life and are the perfect introduction to … Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #13: Mostly Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition (other stuff too though)

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Where I wear by old Ex Libris Nocturnes Staff shirt and talk about the Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Kickstarter!

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Kickstarter

API2E Updates

Chill 3rd Edition Kickstarter

V20 Dark Ages Kickstarter

Cross of Fire Kickstarter

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Ed Kickstarter

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….is Live!!!!

Third Eye Games is kicking off the second edition of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., its flagship Action/Horror game with a twist of humor. In API2E you’ll join a shadow corporation and defend the world from annihilation between coffee breaks.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. originally launched in 2008 and has since spawned five sourcebooks and a Savage Worlds conversion. Now we’re building upon six years of experience to deliver an even better game to incentivize you to help save the Earth from all manner of demonic threats. And if double the number of playable races (from 10 to 20), streamlined mechanics, and Savage Worlds conversions for every sourcebook weren’t enough, we’ll throw in an improved dental plan and better Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits for all API agents!

As Third Eye Games’ 10th successful Kickstarter, we’re no strangers to this business either. We’ve prevented Kickstarter apocalypses nine times over now, and we’re confident in our ability to deliver. Our initial target is $6,000, with additional funds going toward updating earlier sourcebooks for both Savage Worlds and the Dynamic Gaming System version 2.0.

Join us today. Visit Our API2E Kickstarter  to sign on the dotted line and join the ranks of API.

Eloy’s VeeLog #12: Attack of the Buzz, API2E Kickstarter News and General Updates

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Where I wear a red microfiber shirt and talk about the new adventure for AMP: Year One, finishing up work on a new expansion for Part-Time Gods and preparing for the API2E Kickstarter launching on Oct 3rd. Oh and Con on the Cob!

AMP: Year One

Attack of the Buzz

Part-Time Gods

Con on the Cob

Eloy’s VeeLog #11: API2E Dates, AMP: Year Two Progress and Part Time Gods FATE

Posted on September 16th, by firstoni in Blog, News. 3 comments

Where I wear a charcoal v-neck and talk about API2E Kickstarter Dates, celebrate AMP: Year One week that just ended, some progress notes on AMP: Year Two and announce Part-Time Gods Fate Edition.

AMP: Year One Q&A

AMP: Year One Week

Part-Time Gods FATE
Encoded Designs working on Conversion

AMP: Year One Week Begins

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We’re working with Roleplayer’s Chronicle to deliver some great AMP: Year One information to you guys! Here’s what we have in store:

Monday: AMP: Year One Review
Tuesday: General Announcements
Wednesday: AMP: Year One Designer Diary
Thursday: AMP: Year One Hangouts
Friday: Interview with Eloy Lasanta about AMP: Year One

In addition, we’ll be having fun trivia on all of our social media this week. Answers get you put into a drawing for a free PDF of AMP: Year One! If you’ve already got the game, it’ll give you access to the first adventure that is going to be released very soon!

Question #1: If you could choose any one power to possess, what would it be and why?
Question #2: Now that you know what power you have, who is that one person who knows your power and works to help you? Who is your Alfred, your Lois Lane, your Aunt May?
Question #3: What motivates you as an AMP? Are you headed to break into the nearest vault full of money? Are you flying quickly to help victims of natural disasters? Are you simply using your powers to help yourself and your family live a better life?
Question #4: While performing an act of heroism, a dozen cops roll up and … Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #10: API2E and AMP: Year One Mostly

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Where I wear my Salty Bay Con 2014 t-shirt and do my impression of people who work for Kickstarter. I also talk about Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition and AMP: Year One mostly. A little bit of Part-Time Gods too.

Show Notes:

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

AMP: Year One

What Shaper Power would you like to see? 

Misdirected Mark Podcast

Gnome Stew

Roleplayer’s Chronicle

Minions of the Source


Eloy’s VeeLog #9: No DragonCon, API2E and AMP: Year Two

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Where I wear my green Wu Xing shirt and talk about my not attending DragonCon 2014, my role in the Firefly RPG, and development on Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition and AMP: Year Two.

Show Notes:

Firefly RPG

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition
Check Out API 1st Edition Stuff HERE

AMP Year Two development
Grab AMP: Year One HERE

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Coming Soon to Kickstarter

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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., Third Eye Games’ modern game of urban horror and fantasy with a twist of humor, is coming back for a sequel. Building on several years of experience with the original system, API2E is being redesigned from the ground up to be bigger and better than ever.

Join the ranks of one of the world’s most important shadow agencies and help defend Earth against threats most humans don’t even know exist. In API you may use magic, cybernetics or a keen wit to arm yourself against constant demonic threats. Whether you’re human, changeling or even a helpful loch, you’ll need every tool at your disposal to keep the world safe from impending doom. Then you’ll wake up tomorrow and save the day again.

With five contributing authors and over half a decade of material to build upon, API2E will set the bar for urban fantasy games. Keep your eyes peeled for a Kickstarter campaign coming October 2014. Visit and follow us on your favorite social media networks for future announcements.

Twitter: @ThirdEyeGames

Google Plus:


AMP: Year One Now Available in Print

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AMP: Year One, Third Eye Games’ new supers RPG, is now available in print from the 3EG Online Store. The year is 2015 and AMPs, people with accelerated mutant potential, are making themselves known around the globe. This game puts the breakout year of AMPs under a microscope and explores what happens in a world that has never experienced their kind before.

In AMP: Year One, you’ll take the role of a person with superhuman powers and explore the hard choices such characters need to make. Do you use your new powers to benefit those around you or just to make a quick buck? What happens when the choices you make begin to affect the lives of others, or when you come face-to-face with another AMP and your instinct is to throttle them?

Powered by the DGS Combo system, AMP: Year One uses a single 20-sided die and a combination of two separate skills to determine the success or failure of your actions. You’ll spend Juice to activate your AMP’s powers and learn to balance the amount of adrenaline pumping through your veins; be careful not to exhaust yourself early in a fight if you plan on walking out alive.

AMP’s simple and … Read More »

3EG GenCon 2014 Recap

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This was an amazing year at GenCon! I’ve talked with other publishers/fans/creators/random people on the street and heard the same thing. Short Version: I didn’t feel good the whole time, but the convention as a whole delivered in such a great way! All around, probably my favorite time at GenCon thus far. It also had record attendance this year of 56,614 (versus 49,530 last year). So, let me tell you how year five went! 

The Booth

We had a great booth team (maybe even a few too many people) this year. Thanks to Kristen and Kitty for grabbing the majority of booth time, but also thanks to Lee Langston, John D. Kennedy, Carol Darnell and Josh Vogt for stepping in to take some of the weight off them. We set up the booth slightly different this year too. We stuck with the table in front and one in the back, but we didn’t have two book racks in the back this year (the other one was being used some another Studio 2 booth), so we threw our floor banner on top of the table (which helped with visibility) and stacked all the books on the front table. When all was said and done, we couldn’t have … Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #7: GenCon 2014

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Where I wear my Vampire: The Requiem t-shirt and talk about how I see my GenCon 2014 going.

3EG Game/Panel Schedule

Eloy’s VeeLog #6: AMP Reception and Upcoming Projects

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This episode has a new angle. Hopefully you still enjoy it. I talk about the reception of AMP: Year One in the one week it’s been out and a few other upcoming projects.

Buy AMP: Year One

Eloy’s VeeLog #5: ENnies, AMP: Year One and Minions Proof

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Super excited in this video and I don’t know why. It’s just a great day.

Show notes:

ENnies Voting
Remember to put a “1” next to Camp Myth: The RPG

AMP: Year One
3EG Online Store

Minions of the Source
3EG Online Store

Firefly RPG

AMP: Year One Available Now

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After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, AMP: Year One is now available in PDF and ready to supercharge your gaming sessions. In AMP, you’ll become super-powered individuals with Accelerated Mutant Potential and gain any number of amazing powers. What you do with those powers is completely up to you; in AMP there are no heroes, no villains, only hard choices.

If you’re one of our Kickstarter backers, you’ve already received a download code to get your copy of AMP: Year One. The PDF will go on general sale on Tuesday, July 22nd, and will be available in print at GenCon 2014.

Link to 3EG Online Store Page

Link to DriveThruRPG Page

Until next time

Eloy’s VeeLog #4 – ENnies, Weird Al and New Releases

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New VeeLog – ENnies, Weird Al and New Releases

I was sick last week, but here’s this week’s episode of Eloy’s VeeLog. I talk bout Camp Myth: The RPG, AMP: Year One, The Ninja Crusade and Weird Al.

Show Notes:

Camp Myth: The RPG

ENnies Wards Nominations

Weird Al’s Site

Minions of the Source (For Part-Time Gods)

Return of Dragons (For Part-Time Gods)

Eloy’s VeeLog #3: Mostly AMP Updates

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In this episode, I realized that I hadn’t flipped the screen in rendering until just now, so the world is backwards now but really frontwards or whatever, but I digress. I talk about mostly AMP: Year One updates, but talk a bit about Minions of the source for Part-Time Gods and Top Billing, The Movie Making Card Game.

We also have an INDIE-pendence Day Sale going on at DriveThruRPG. 25% off our whole catalog, so take advantage of that!

Eloy’s VeeLog #2 – Artists, API and Ninja Pirates!

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I’m back! Fun times making this video, so I hope you all enjoy it! I talk about AMP: Year One and the new artist for the game, as well as what we’re doing with Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. and Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade.

Show Notes:

Big Irish Vlog

Louis Porter Jr. Designs

AMP: Year One Cover

Daniel Oshouki

One of Daniel’s Pieces for AMP: Year One

Eloy’s VeeLog #1: First!, Infestation and other Updates

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My first vlog where I give info on the goings on of Third Eye Games and my life in general. In this one, I talk at length about the Infestation Kickstarter that just ended and give a few updates on my hair, AMP: Year One and Part-Time Gods.

Thanks for watching!

PS: By “short” video, I mean that I tried to keep it short but have a problem with rambling. I’ll try to fix that in future videos.

3EG MomoCon 2014 Recap

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Hello everyone! I had the pleasure of being invited to MomoCon 2014 as a special RPG guest for the second time in a row this year! Though, as much fun as it was, the trek was hard fought to get there.

Car Problems

Driving up on Friday, me and my wife left early in order to get there at a reasonable time before my Friday night game. About halfway through the trip from Tampa to Atlanta, we stopped in Valdosta to gas up. When we restarted the car, it sputtered and went crazy. Very distressful since we just bought this car used the week before. It was a six hour delay that involved getting the car towed to a garage that then told us they couldn’t help us and then to another who found the issue after a cursory glance, which is kind of crazy. AAA, while great to have, isn’t known for arriving quickly which obviously led to a lot of that wait time too.

All and all, though, we got to Atlanta at about 9:15pm and settled in before trying out the card game Fairy Tale. It was pretty good. Basically just looking for combinations of cards and they are dragon/fairy themed. … Read More »

Announcement – Infestation RPG

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Third Eye Games is excited to announce our newest family-friendly RPG, Infestation: a Game of Bugs and Heroes. Infestation is the third game to use the company’s Pip System, previously used for Mermaid Adventures and Camp Myth: The RPG.

In Infestation, players take on the role of various bugs and battle for control over This House, the most disgusting and filthy domicile on the block. Every room, from Cabinet City (the Kitchen) to The Stinker (the Bathroom), is a treasure trove of garbage and filth. If you’re part of the ruling species you may get to take your pick of the treasure, otherwise you’ll need to use your instincts to take what you can.

Players may choose from twelve bug races, including ants, bed bugs, fleas, locusts, spiders, roaches, and more. Each bug has its own unique Qualities which make it well-suited to life in This House, and several colonies seek out Bug Magic to make up for abilities they don’t already possess. They’ll need to stay on their feet (all six or more of them) and watch out for household hazards, but if they’re brave enough they may just find all of the pieces of junk they need to prove they are … Read More »

3EG Games/Panels at GenCon 2014

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GenCon Event Listings have gone up for people to start compiling their wish lists and seeing what is out there for them to play this year. For those of you curious about the game we’ll be running this year at GenCon 2014, here is the full list. You’ll need to act fast to make sure you get your spots! Registration opens on May 18th, so have your fingers on the trigger, everyone!



Part-Time Gods
GM: Eloy Lasanta

The Ninja Crusade
GM: John D. Kennedy

Top Billing, The Movie Making Card Game
GM: John D. Kennedy

AMP: Year One
GM: Carol Darnell

AMP: Year One
GM: Lee Langston


The Ninja Crusade
GM: John D. Kennedy

AMP: Year One
GM: Lee Langston

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
GM: Adam Netzler


AMP: Year One
GM: Lee Langston

The Ninja Crusade
GM: Eloy Lasanta

Top Billing, The Movie Making Card Game
GM: John D. Kennedy

Top Billing, The Movie Making Card Game
GM: John D. Kennedy

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
GM: John D. Kennedy

Part-Time Gods
GM: Carol Darnell


AMP: Year One
GM: Lee Langston

Part-Time Gods
GM: John D. Kennedy

Mermaid Adventures
GM: Eloy Lasanta

Camp Myth: The RPG
GM: Eloy Lasanta

Here are panels I’ll be speaking on as well (so excited):


Getting Started in the Industry: Freelancing and Self-Publishing
Speakers: Tracy Barnett (Sand & Steam Productions), Matt James (Vorpal Games), Shoshana Kessock (Phoenix Outlaw Productions), Eloy Lasanta … Read More »

Successful Open Call

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I just wanted to pop onto the blog and tell everyone that Third Eye Games had a VERY successful open call this past month. We were able to add about a dozen new writers to our staff to work on many of our upcoming projects, like Minions of the Source for Part-Time Gods, Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition and AMP: Year Two. You guys know me and there’s always a few secret projects going on too, but I’ll be announcing them in their own separate posts when the time is right.

I want to thank everyone who sent in submissions and we look forward to cranking out some amazing games for our fans with additional help now!


Welcome Carol Darnell to the 3EG Team

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We want to take a moment to welcome Carol Darnell to our 3EG Team as the Editing Manager for our products.

You may know Carol from her co-hosting position on the award-winning podcast, All Games Considered, but she has been freelancing on the side for a variety of companies. Her editing expertise has already begun making our products more polished and we couldn’t be happier she is bringing her talents to making everything we do in the future that much better.

Eloy Lasanta, CEO of Third Eye Games, stated “I think Carol brings an essential ingredient to our team and it’s wonderful to make her an official part of our efforts to bring amazing games to our fans.”

Until next time.

Open Call for Writers for Third Eye Games (2014)

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It’s been a bit since we’ve had a good blog post and that’s because Eloy has been VERY busy working on a ton of different games and releases. He’s always one to try to tackle everything on his own, but now there’s just too much to handle… This is where you come in.

We are announcing an Open Call for Writers which will run through April 30.

What To Submit

First… Please sure to read the Submission Agreement, which is in effect for any and all submissions. Then… Please be professional when submitting your work. This means: type it up neatly and present only the information that pertains to your submission. Send your submissions to We have a ton of projects in the works and, if you are selected, I’ll end up pairing you with one that I think fits your style.

A one to two (1-2) page idea of a particular demon race, location, Theology, new clan, or anything from one of our games. would be optimal for a submission. Longer than that and we honestly don’t have time to look at it all, but shorter than that means we don’t have enough to know if you should be considered. Most assignments we give out include … Read More »

3EG GenghisCon XXXV Recap (2014)

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According to the pile of inbox and direct messages I had when I sat at my computer this morning, my absence was quite noticeable. Of course, I was in Aurora, Colorado for GenghisCon XXXV (or 2014 for those who are Roman numeral illiterate like I am). It’s probably one of the best conventions I’ve ever attended and it keeps getting better for me each time I go. This was my third trip, so I obviously like it. It’s one of those cons where you feel at home and everyone knows you and wants to have fun. This year especially, though, I felt like a special guest, which was really cool. I want to thank Bill Stilson, Leif Olsen and all the staff for inviting me once again and putting on a great show.

GenghisCon is now also the very first convention my daughter, Gabrielle, has had the pleasure of going to. I brought her up so she could enjoy the amazing Con Jr. experience they are creating there  to really prepare the young ones for a “real con.” I put that in quotes because it very much IS a real convention in its own right already. The kids buy tickets and … Read More »

AMP: Year One First Look – Carver & Tiers

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First, I wanted to introduce you to another awesome character from AMP: Year One, named Carver. He was a doctor before developing Claws, which made his arms into large, grotesque weapons. Though his body became disfigured, his mind became much sharper, giving him the Brainiac power, heightening his mental acuity. As a character who excels both physically and mentally, his shortcoming is his arrogance and general rudeness.

Tier Info

For those of you that like previews of the Kickstarter before it launches, check out these images! You’ll notice we have an Early Adopter Tier to get the game for cheaper if you’re quick enough!



Check out the Kickstarter HERE

AMP: Year One First Look – Pattern

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Just a couple days away and I wanted to share another awesome character with you named Pattern. She has the power of Psychometry (getting visions from touching objects) and a little bit of Technopathy (speaking with machines) to make her great behind a computer. Pattern is a little OCD, but uses her eccentricities to great effect. AMP: Year One launched this Thursday, Feb 6 2014 and we couldn’t be more excited. Keep you eye out for the big announcement!

Feb-Wu-Ary 2014

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Feb-Wu-Ary is Third Eye Games’ annual (thought it seems that we missed last year) celebration of The Ninja Crusade! In the past, we’ve offered free copies of the RPG in a random drawing where you could tweet, FB or join the newsletter to have a chance to win. This year we’re going a slightly different direction.

As there are 4 books currently in the line, we are going to make each of them Pay-What-You-Want through DriveThruRPG for one week. Take the game for a spin!

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade (Feb 1-7)

The Firebrands (Feb 8-14)

Land of Seed and Blossom (Feb 15-21)

Truth and Lies (Feb 22-28)

If you’d still like to follow closer, so you’re on top of other giveaways, discussions and whatnot concerning our games, you can connect with us in the following ways:

Facebook or our Facebook Group

Until next time.

AMP: Year One First Look – Savior

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Hopefully everyone is getting excited for the AMP: Year One Kickstarter starting next week on February 6. To help everyone get hyped, here is an awesome preview image of one of the signature characters named Savior, who wields the power of Authority (mind control) and Water (water manipulation). In addition to his powers, you can see he comes prepared for whoever he’s to fight next, just in case things get physical. Enjoy!

Until next time!

Divine Instruments is OUT

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We’re proud to announce Divine Instruments is complete and ready for consumption by the general public. If you haven’t heard the buzz on this book, check out the pitch:

Mastering Your Tools

Surviving as a god is tough, and no one can last without the best tools available. The right followers can enhance your way of life and your power base. Possessing a powerful artifact can help to show your strength. Reinforcing your territory makes sure other gods know where the line in the sand is drawn. Divine Instruments is the first sourcebook for Part-Time Gods, expanding on the most vital of these tools at a god’s disposal: Worshippers, Territory and Relics.

This book includes:

Rules for a more intimate approach to worshippers and their effect on a god. Also, rules for making and playing as Champions or God-Killers from among your flock.
New info on how divine territory is collected, distributed and fought by in the daily struggle between gods for power. Includes new Divine Improvements, like Temples, Shrines and Sanctums.
New options for starting Relics, as well as rules for how modern gods can become Relic Crafters themselves. Also includes rules on relics that house the souls of the old gods, the Soulbound.
Three new Theologies for … Read More »

Storm Battalion Update

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So, for those of you who helped us out with the Storm Battalion IndieGoGo a while back, I just wanted to give some sort of update on that project. The book is written and almost completed with editing, but we ran into one HUGE snag… art. We previously had Rick Hershey on artwork for the game and he was turning in some great material early on, but after a series of miscommunications and disappearances, we’ve been forced to start the search for a new artist to fill the void. This game will definitely see the light in 2014, but it is a matter of timelines as to WHEN that will happen. I will definitely keep you all updated on what is going on with the project and hopefully keep you excited for what is to come in this awesome game!

Until next time.

AMP: Year One – Upcoming Game

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Now that 2014 is upon us, I wanted to take some time and announce something I’m “super” excited about. That is, in a nutshell, a new game we’ve been working on for some time (about a year).

This is an awesome new superpowers game from Third Eye Games. Players take the role of descendants of participants in government experiments, suddenly awakening to brand new powers. With 54 powers to choose from and customize to your desire, as well as plenty of intrigue, mystery and danger, we know that AMP: Year One will fit in well with Third Eye Games’s already impressive catalog of games.

More details will be revealed as we get closer to the Kickstarter for AMP: Year One, coming soon!

Until next time.


New Year 2014 Update

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Hello all! This is our first official post of 2014 and I couldn’t be more excited for what we have in store for this coming year. I want to take a moment and just say how awesome it is that you guys made it possible for me to say that 2013 was my first full year of doing this whole publishing craziness full-time! Thanks to all the fans for that, totally. Now, on to updates. I’m going to be sectioning it out based on game line.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

Work is going on for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition and it is looking pretty awesome. Revamped DGS2.0 is coming along and looking quite spiffy, so look out for a kickstarter for API2E sometime in 2014.

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade

2013 was sadly devoid of new titles for Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, but 2014 won’t be the same way. We have Land of Crashing Waves in the works and hope to have that out in 2014. Keep an eye out.

Part-Time Gods

2014 will truly be the year for Part-Time Gods. Divine Instruments is almost done and hopefully will be out mid-January, but we also have Minions of the Source and Book of Theologies which will be making a … Read More »

Featured on Bundle of Holding

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Third Eye Games is happy to announce that two of our games, Mermaid Adventures and Camp Myth: The RPG, are currently featured in the new Family-Friendly Bundle of Holding! There is a little over 2 days left for the bundle, so if you want to get a ton of games for a cheap price to benefit some great charities and support some awesome publishers (including us), then be sure to pick it up soon!

Care Package #1 for Camp Myth: The RPG is Out!

Posted on November 8th, by firstoni in News. 7 comments

Days before Game with your Kids Week, we’ve just released Care Package #1 for Camp Myth: The RPG. This nifty PDF expansion have additional playable races (Gorgons, Pixies and Yeti), as well as brand new Charms and Merit Badges for your campers to find! Pick it up today for $1.79 at the 3EG Online Store or for $1.99 on DriveThruRPG!

Until next time!

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Underway

Posted on October 9th, by firstoni in Blog, News. 2 comments

If you hadn’t heard the news, in honor of API’s 5-year anniversary, we here at Third Eye Games have begun development of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition (or API2E). This version of the game is going to have a lot of new twists and turns, as well as many changes to streamline mechanics and give you a better API experience over all. I’ll be posting here from time to time to keep you updated on its current progress, but we are working hard on playtest files so we can start to test out all the new hotness.

Cool things to look forward to:

20 playable races (there were only 10 in the original corebook)
New Reasons mechanic to replace Passions
New Fight Style rules to really seal in the fresh battles
New Stamina rules more in line with DGS-Lite, but slightly different!
Full conversion rules for taking characters and concepts from API1E and translating them to API2E

As you can see, we have a lot ahead of us. We’re up the challenge and can’t wait to show you what we have though.

Until next time.

3EG DragonCon 2013 Recap

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Wow! DragonCon 2013 was a pretty great time for me this year. This is my 4th year attending as a “professional” and it feels better and better every year. More people who recognize me, stop me and tell me how much they love what I do. For reference, if you see you favorite creator of any kind (artist, writer, game designer, whatever), tell them how much you love what they do. You never know if they were possibly having a bad day and your kind words were exactly the thing that reinvigorates them. I had a moment like that this past weekend, as a matter of fact, so I can speak from experience.


DragonCon has always been the place where my focus is on panels. I love meeting people at panels an every year, they keep getting bigger and bigger. I had 3 panels I was supposed to speak on this year and I want to kind of address them separately, because they were all quite unique/horrific/amazing (you’ll know which one is which in a moment).

Zero to Publisher

This was my first panel of the con, THE first gaming panel of the con and was taking place at 10am on Friday before … Read More »

New Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Launched!

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The time has come and this is your opportunity to support the expansion of the Part-Time Gods universe.

If you like what you hear, check out the Divine Instruments Kickstarter and please consider pledging.

Until next time.

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #5

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Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Tiers

And now we get to the cool tiers that we have for this Kickstarter. There are a couple of new ones that we’ve not done before, including the ability to create your own Relic to be included in Divine Instruments, making yourself as a god in the game or creating your own Theology to become a fully integrated part of the setting.

Check them out and get ready! Tomorrow is when it all starts!

Until next time.



Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #4

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We have a good number of Add-ons for this Kickstarter (the first time we’re really going hardcore with them). the one we’re most excited for is the ability to get a copy of Part-Time Gods in hardcover! I know a lot of people have asked me about this, and it becomes a much better prospect when attached to a Kickstarter like this one.

Check out the others too!

Part-Time Gods Hardcover (+$15)

Make sure you are backing this Kickstarter at a tier where you get the print copy of the Part-Time Gods corebook and add $15 to make it a hardcover edition. Those pledging at the retailer level need to add $15 per corebook they want to upgrade.

“The God is In” T-Shirt (+$10)

Get yourself a t-shirt to show your support at cons or around town! This t-shirt turns heads!

Part-Time Gods Poster (+$5)

This beautifully illustrated poster is great to decorate any room or office. It’s a conversation starter for sure!

Character Pack #1 (+$5)

Contains 8 laminated pregenerated character. Pack #1 has the characters from the  Part-Time Gods corebook, including Penelope, the goddess of Liquor and Ben, the god of storms.

Character Pack #2 (+$5)

Contains 8 laminated pregenerated character. Pack #2 has new playable characters featured in Divine … Read More »

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #3

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PDF Expansions

If the full sourcebooks sound good to you, then you’re going to love the PDF Expansions we have planned. Each of these has it’s own Stretch goal and hitting it unlocks it as a free product for everyone who has backed the Kickstarter at any level.

Harder They Fall: Expanding on rules for Giants and what they are up to in the modern day!
Return of Dragons: Dragons left the Earth long ago and only now returning. What are they after?
Angels Among Us: The gods were regarded as angels during the god wars. What became of these holy creatures?
The World According to Pucks: Get the pucks-eye-view of the wicked ways of chaos. More Puck types and monster options!

The Others

With the Sourcebooks and Expansions out of the way, we have two other fun stretch goals for you.

Part-Time Gods Anthology

I’m compiling a nice group of writers, from John Wick to Jacob Wood to Jack Norris, and combining all their efforts into an awesome book of short stories set in the world of Part-Time Gods!

Part-Time Gods Fate Conversion

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally ready to do it! We’re going to be converting Part-Time Gods from DGS-Lite to Fate, bringing the system’s intrinsic storytelling … Read More »

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #2

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Full Sourcebooks

Today, we’re revealing what we have up our sleeves regarding the sourcebooks that will be accompanying Divine Instruments during this Kickstarter. Once Divine Instruments has reached its goal, that’s when these come into play! We’re super excited about these:

Minions of the Source

This is the book I’ve been wanting to work on for a while. It takes a deep look at the Source from multiple angles and figures out its true purpose. Could it possibly be an enemy? Or is it just the victim of the gods’ jealousy? Or does it have it’s own agenda with nothing to do with the gods at all? We’ll be giving you plenty of ammunition to use to enhance your stories, as well as a bunch of new Outsiders for your characters to combat.

Book of Theologies

The Book of Theologies is going to be a great book, delving into the motivations and structure of the existing Theologies. We’ll be describing their centers of power, how to use them in your stories and what can happen is a god exists for too long without one. On top of that, we’ll be giving a bunch of brand new Theologies for you to choose from.

Between Worlds

Ever thought of traveling to … Read More »

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #1

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We’ve been talking about it and hyping it for a while now, but now the next Part-Time Gods Kickstarter is approved and ready to launch on September 3, 2013! Leading up to the launch, we’ll be posting some blogs to give you sneak peaks at the kinds of things we’ll have for the Kickstarter. First off, the name:

Divine Instruments and Beyond for Part-Time Gods!

Yep, this Kickstarter starts with getting funding for the first new sourcebook for Part-Time Gods in two years: Divine Instruments. This book focuses on 3 aspects of the game that fans have been really looking for expansion: Worshippers, Relics and Territory. There’s new theologies and lots of new character creation options for this books, so we know fans of Part-Time Gods will be happy with this awesome book!

Then comes the “An Beyond!” part. After the initial goal is reached, we have a ton of Stretch Goals, which includes PDF Expansions and Full Sourcebooks. PDF Expansions will be downloadable rules expansions for Part-Time Gods that, when they are completed, will become available to anyone who has backed the Kickstarter at any level. Full Sourcebooks will be just like Divine Instruments, with the full book treatment, and will be added to the Add-ons section so you … Read More »

Upcoming DragonCon 2013 Fun!

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I’m a guest again at DragonCon, Atlanta’s awesome multi-media convention! Well, guest is a strong word; I’m an “attending professional”. I’m going to call myself a guest, though, for simplicity. So, I’m a guest! Woot!

This is the convention where I get to see some very special people I don’t see all that often and get to talk on awesome panels for large crowds. Always intimidating, but also always amazingly fun! I’ll mostly be wandering the convention or hanging in the Gaming Dungeon that is the Hilton, but I have 3 panels that I’ll also be speaking on that I’m uber-excited about!


Title: From Zero to Publisher
Time: Fri 10:00 am Location: Grand Salon C – Hilton (Length: 1)
Description: One man’s journey from freelancer, to game designer, to one-man publishing house, to quitting his job and living the dream.

Title: Kickstarter 101
Time: Fri 01:00 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom – Hilton (Length: 1)
Description: Expert authors and designers discuss Kickstarter in gaming. Find out how to start your own and how it all works.

Title: Game Design 101
Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: Grand Ballroom West – Hilton (Length: 1)
Description: Designers from the table top and digital worlds talk about creating and testing games, from inception to final product.


Did you catch that the first one is ALL me!?!??!?! I’m nervous, but I also know that I … Read More »

3EG GenCon 2013 Recap

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Where to begin? It’s hard to say, because this year was SO amazing. Picture how amazing I said it was last year and multiply that by a billion! We had great sales and a lot of great experiences. I also remembered to take a lot more pictures this year (3 from last year vs. 33 from this year is quite the leap). So, let’s get to it!

The Booth

First, I want to thank my booth volunteers: Kristen, John, Jeremy and Aaron. Without you, we would not have been able to have the great year we did! One of the biggest things this year was the setup. In previous years, we had banners and books in the back, with a demo stand in the front that we would use to talk to people, show product and run demos. However, this setup came with it’s own problems. Lots of people would attempt to use our booth as a shortcut through traffic, would bump into people and trip and fall and be generally rude. This year, we switched it up and had one table in front and another in back, taking out the possibility of cutting through. I hung my head and said a … Read More »

Third Eye Games at GenCon 2013

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If you’re interested in what Third Eye Games has in store for GenCon 2013, then you’re in luck… cause I’m about to tell you!

GenCon Booth

We are going to be at Booth 619, adjacent to the Studio 2 Publishing booth, as always. We’re trying out a new booth setup and have some great new products that we’re bringing with us: Camp Myth: The RPG, Wu Xing: Truth and Lies and Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.- Savage Worlds Edition. We’ll have plenty of our previous titles there too, of course!


We’re running the following games this year:

RPG1350605 – Part-Time Gods – Thurs – Noon – Room JW : 312 : 3

RPG1350608 – Storm Battalion Demo – Thurs – 4pm – Room JW : 312 : 3

RPG1350606 – Camp Myth: The RPG – Fri – Noon – Room Marriott : Marriott Blrm 7 : 5


I’m on panels at GenCon for the first time, which should be pretty damn awesome! Come on out and listen to me throw words at you!

SEM1345483 – Getting Started in the Industry: Freelancing and Self-Publishing – Thurs 2pm – Room Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Bllrm C

SEM1341367 – Introduction to Independent RPGs – Sat 1pm – Room Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Bllrm D

ENnie Awards

Though I’ve gone to the ENnie Awards every year I’ve attended … Read More »

Part-Time Gods Week Coming!

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Next week is going to be Part-Time Gods Week! We’re excited for our upcoming Kickstarter for Part-Time Gods in Sept and what better way to celebrate this than to give away some free PDF copies of the game!

So, here’s your chance to win a free PDF of Part-Time Gods! I’ll be drawing 3 winners per day, so you have to do is enter in one of 3 ways!

#1 – Sign up for the 3EG Newsletter! This gets you one entry into the drawings all 5 days! ((

#2 – Answer a fun Part-Time Gods-related question each day on Facebook or G+! Join HERE or HERE.

#3 – Tweet something awesome about Part-Time Gods each day on Twitter (make sure to add @thirdeyegames to your tweet).

And that’s it! I’ll be doing a random drawing and three winners each day will get a free PDF of Part-Time Gods! Keep an eye out for some fun announcements regarding what the new Kickstarter will be featuring and new releases for the gameline!

Until next week!

ENnies and Me

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It’s finally happened! After years of submitting, Third Eye Games has been recognized by the ENnie Awards and graced with a nomination. That’s right! Mermaid Adventures has been nominated for Best Family Game for 2013. This is so amazing and I’m so jazzed, it’s hard to figure out the right response. Jumping up and down is what i’ve gone with thus far. The game is up against some strong competition from the Dr. Who RPG and a few other really great kids’ RPGs, so it’s not an absolute lock, but I like our chances.

A lot of love went into Mermaid Adventures. I wrote and designed the game from scratch and worked close with Melissa Gay (who did all the art for the game) to really bring out the aesthetics. I really hope she can be there at GenCon this year to accept the award with me (if we win, obviously). I’m really glad the judges saw how much work went into it and gave it some attention.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Mermaid Adventures for the past year it’s been out and congrats to all the other nominees as well.

Also! If you’d like to hang with me during the awards, be sure … Read More »

Thimble is OUT!

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The long-awaiting PDF expansion for Mermaid Adventures is finally out! Now players can use the PIP System to take the role of little people called Squelks, living in the walls and surviving this big world. Lots of new options and even two new adventures are included. Be sure to grab your copy.

3EG Store Link ($3.15)

DTRPG Link ($3.50)

Until Next time.

Camp Myth PDF is Done!

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The wait is over! Camp Myth: The RPG is finally done and we’ve put the PDF up for sale as of today! The print version is forthcoming, so keep and eye out for updates on that.

3EG Store Link ($8.99)

DTRPG Link ($9.99)

Have fun!

New Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Coming

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A few months ago we released a cleaned up version of Part-Time Gods for all the fans to get reacquainted with the awesome game and setting. Now, I’m here to announce that we’re currently working on outlines and development on sourcebooks that will expand on the universe and give players a ton of new options. A Kickstarter is also in the works for Mid-June to give you a chance to make all of this come true.

What we have planned:

New sourcebooks
Fiction Anthology
Other Hidden Secrets

We’re super excited about this and we’ll be talking more about the game and the Kickstarter as we get closer. We’d love to hear more from the fans on what kinds of things they’d like to see!

Until next time.

Top Billing Contest Winner #4

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Winner for the last week of the Top Billing Contest was…

Nic Willey (Again!)

“Jack (Brandon Routh) stepped out of the bathroom of City Hall, adjusting his pants, he looked both ways before fully stepping into the hallway. His dusted off his Zorro costume and smiled, he couldn’t believe what his brother had talked him into, but now relished the idea. Slipping on his domino mask, Jack crossed the hall into a ballroom. Through out the room people were in costume dancing softly to Frank Sinatra crooning Fly Me to the Moon.
Staring across the sea of people was his fiance Piper (Jennifer Love Hewitt), she was swaying to the music, and man’ s hands on her hips. A grimace pierced his face, but it disappeared when he noticed that the hands belonged to his brother Bobby (Chris Hardwick- The Nerdist). He was dressed to the nines in a Hitler costume, to top it off he was wearing a handle bar mustache. The ideal choice to make a parody of the dead Nazi Leader.
Jack moved across the floor to his lover and pulled her into his embrace. They danced across the floor, as the music changed so did their movements. … Read More »

Top Billing Contest #4

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In the spirit of the game, we are running an awesome contest. Each week, we’ll be posting a collection of game elements at random and you can give us a pitch on how YOU would make it happen. Here’s what we have for our third week:

The idea behind Top Billing is to make a scene out of what is dealt. Here we have the “Between the Sheets” Scene, which requires 2 Actors, 2 Props and 1 Sets (which you can see have been drawn). You can cast anyone you want in the roles and inject the sets and props into the scene how ever you want, as long as it goes along with the idea that this two characters getting it on (at some point in the scene). Genre, themes, moods, every is up to you as the producer.

So, again, we want to hear how YOU would interpret these cards into a cool scene. Write up your Scene and email it to to be entered or simply place it in the comments. This is the last week, so be sure to enter for your chance! The winner will be announced on each corresponding Sunday. Winners receive a free Print-On-Demand deck of Top Billing.

I can’t wait … Read More »

Top Billing Contest #3 Winner

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And the winner for Top Billing Contest #3 is…..

Nic Willey

And here was his entry!

“In the dark of the night, a solitary figure (played by Zac Efron) shambles down the freeway, in his hand he is carrying an empty gas can. As he makes his way down to the local gas station he listens to the sound of cicadas as they play their night music. From a distance he can hear the sound of sirens, but he pays it no heed, he must refill the gas can. Once at the station, he refills the gas can and makes his return back. As he reaches his farm, he begins to refill his tractor. It is a very nice tractor, painted black with red and orange flames on the hood.

With the tractor finally refilled, the farmer climbs on board and starts it up. Upon doing so, the sound of sirens gets louder. As the sun rises over the horizon, the farmer can see a red and black Corvette speeding down the road toward his farmhouse. The farmer, Nick, looks down at the driver, Christy, a thief (played by Dakota Fanning) and smiles. The thief doesn’t see him, because … Read More »

DGS 101 with Pete Figtree

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I just recently did an interview with Pete Figtree for the Ruthless Diastema G+ Hangout series. We did a bit on what is awesome about the DGS and went through a bit of the combat example for API, really talking about what makes it cool. He asks some questions that I think many people were thinking as well.

check it out!

Until next time



Top Billing Contest #3

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In the spirit of the game, we are running an awesome contest. Each week, we’ll be posting a collection of game elements at random and you can give us a pitch on how YOU would make it happen. Here’s what we have for our third week:

The idea behind Top Billing is to make a scene out of what is dealt. Here we have the “The Chase” Scene, which requires 2 Actors, 2 Props and 2 Sets (which you can see have been drawn). You can cast anyone you want in the roles and inject the sets and props into the scene how ever you want, as long as it goes along with the idea that this is a chase between two characters. Genre, themes, moods, every is up to you as the producer.

So, again, we want to hear how YOU would interpret these cards into a cool scene. Write up your Scene and email it to to be entered. This contest runs for 4 weeks from Monday to Saturday and we’ll be posting the best ones on our site! The winner (our favorite entry each week) will be announced on each corresponding Sunday. Winners will receive a free Print-On-Demand deck of Top Billing.

I can’t wait … Read More »

Guest at Denver Comic Con 2013!!

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It’s official! I’ve been invited as a PRG Industry guest to Denver Comic Con 2013! It’s going to involve a lot of Mermaid Adventures and probably some Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, sprinkled our others here and there. I’m excite about this one, because it’s still a growing gaming section of the con and it involves a lot of kids, which means I get to work directly with the next generation! We’re still talking about what panels there will be as well. I’ll keep you all updated.

Dates: May 31-June 2

Camp Myth iOS is OUT

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While we’re hard at work on Camp Myth: The RPG, Chris Lewis Carter has been working on getting his next novel together and released as a cool iOS app. Please take a moment to Download the App and check out the newest book!

Until next time.

Interview with DM Fiat Podcast

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Here’s a great interview with the crew over at DM Fiat! I had a little diarrhea of the mouth, so it encompasses a lot of different things we’re doing here at Third Eye Games! Take a Listen!

Until next time.

Top Billing – Contest #2

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We’re back for the second week of the Top Billing Release Contest! Let’s make a movie! We have a great assortment this week for you. So, again, we’re looking for you guys to make an awesome scene out of the following:

I’ve thought up about 6 different things to do with these cards already, but I can’t wait to see what you guys do! You can send entries to or just put them in the comments!

Until next time.

Top Billing Contest #1 Winner!

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You guessed it, it was definitely Ben Gettler’s submission of Chuck Norris and Air Bud! If you missed it, here it is again:

“The bounty hunter (Chuck Norris) is talking with his boss in a phone booth outside a coffee shop. His target is unlike any he has ever had before, a military weapons prototype that has escaped from a top-secret laboratory outside of the city. It is described as a dog with superhuman intelligence, and is a master of deception (Air Bud).

As he is on the phone, the dog bursts out of the door of the coffee shop and runs toward the highway. The bounty hunter cannot believe his luck and hangs up the phone to chase after the dog. His tranquilizer gun at the ready.

The dog darts between the stand-still rush hour traffic as the man tries to keep up. As soon as the bounty hunter makes visual contact with the dog he fires his tranquilizer gun, but the dog dodges it. It bounces off of the ground and hits the neck of a tanker-truck driver who passes out with his foot on the gas. The truck runs over other cars and turns over on a bridge and catches … Read More »

Top Billing Release – And Contest #1

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We know it’s April Fool’s Day, but this is no joke!

I’m very proud to announce that Top Billing, The Movie Making Card Game is finally available for purchase! Now you get to become a producer on a movie, collecting the right Actor, Props and Sets to create an amazing (and completely crazy) story for a movie. We were so impressed with DriveThruCards services and quality of their product, Third Eye Games is using them exclusively for our awesome new game. Top Billing will be available in two ways:

Print-On-Demand ($15.99) – You get the full game printed and sent to your door in no time.
Print-N-Play ($6.99) – You get the digital files for the card, so you can print them out, sleeve them up yourself and get to playing right away!

Contest #1

In the spirit of the game, we are running an awesome contest. Each week, we’ll be posting a collection of game elements at random and you can give us a pitch on how YOU would make it happen. Here’s what we have for our first week:

The idea behind Top Billing is to make a scene out of what is dealt. Here we have the “First Meeting” Scene, which requires 2 Actors, 1 Prop and 2 Sets (which you can see have … Read More »

The Finish Line Can Paralyze

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One thing you’ll notice as a creative person is that your attention can be pulled in many different directions. This happens a lot particularly around the end of a project you may be working on. Your excitement convinces your brain that you are actually done and you start to look for the next new shiny project to work on, all the while you are only 90% done with the other.

I speak from current experience. I have about 5 projects (Camp Myth, Storm Battalion and a few freelance jobs as well) I’m working on and all of them are nearing completion. So, what do I do? I start looking at project #6 with wide eyes and drool on my chin. I had to snap myself out of my delusion, though. Need to finish a few things before I go on to the new shiny. Once you admit to yourself that you need to finish the things you started, it becomes easier to ignore the new shiny and press on.

Don’t be fooled. You’ll be happier with a finished product instead of several unfinished ones, trust me.

Until next time.

Top Billing Press Release

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Here we have the official press release for Top Billing, the Movie Making Card Game! If you are a card game reviewer or know anyone who is, please forward this on! We’d love to talk about getting some reviews soon!

Top Billing Press Release

Until next time.

One Week Until Top Billing!

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Just to catch everyone up on our movie making card game, Top Billing! Both and Print-N-Play and Print-On-Demand versions will be available through DriveThruRPG. We’re very excited about this release! After months of playtesting, it’s finally almost out. Here’s a rundown on what the game is about:

The players become rival producers all working to influence the same movie in the direction they want. During play, you accumulate a number of actors (like the Indie Legend, Action Hero or Reality Star), sets (like the Beach, a Garage or a Fancy Restaurant) and props (like a wrench, teddy bear or silk robe). All of these things are put together to fulfill a Scene (like a Chase Scene, Inspirational Speech or a Betrayal). By scooping up a Scene and pitching it as part of the movie, a producer gains points in the game and helps to craft an awesome story.

There was a main goal when designing Top Billing – to create a card game that was both an awesome card game and a cool story telling device. No two games have ever been the same, every games making a new movie, casting different actors in crazy roles. It works the creative bone in … Read More »

Giving to Charity

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I’ve been thinking lately about giving to charities. I’m the parent of an autistic kid myself, which has opened my eyes to how many different charity organizations there are out there. We went to the Regional Special Olympics just yesterday, where my son placed in 2nd in the 50m run, which was very cool. I took a look around and noticed how much giving there was around me. McDonald’s was giving free lunches to the athletes. There was a ice cream shop giving free cones. There was even a running shoe store called Fit Niche that gave every athlete a free pair of running shoes. Amazing! As a business owner, I’m starting to ponder what kind of things Third Eye Games can hopefully give. If you have any charities you support, think about giving soon. Any charity will do.

Until next time.

New 3EG Team Members

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I promised you some cool news regarding new additions to the 3EG Team. I’ve been working with some fine talented folks and every so often they show themselves to be worthy of becoming part of the Third Eye Games Family through hard work and creativity. Today, we welcome Jay Peters as our new Marketing Manager and John D. Kennedy as our new Wu Xing: the Ninja Crusade Line Developer into the family, and we’ll be working together to bring Third Eye Games to the top.

Official Press Release

Until next time.

Misdirected Mark Autism Talks

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This interview was a big deal for me. Not only did I use it to unveil Top Billing and talk about Sinister and other upcoming projects, but it’s the first time I’ve ever talked openly about my son’s Autism. Like, with anyone ever (outside of my support structure and family). The discussion was with myself (Eloy Lasanta), Phil Vecchione (or Engine Publishing) and Chris Sniezak (the host). It was surreal and comforting to know that others are going through the same thing and making it work, just like me. In the end, this talk of gaming and autism was truly amazing and hopefully you guys get something out of it.

Check it out here at Misdirected Mark.

Until next time.

Looking for GenCon 2013 Help

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Here’s where Third Eye Games is at for GenCon 2013: We have an awesome corner booth again this year for GenCon 2013, part of Studio 2 Publishing’s collection. We have a lot of great new products to bring to GenCon this year, including Wu Xing: Truth and Lies, Camp Myth and Storm Battalion.

One problem though… we need more help!

Help can come in a variety of ways. If you’re willing to help us run some games of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, Part-Time Gods or Mermaid Adventures, that’s already a big help. More games run means more interest which means more people at the booth which means more sales which means more products that need more games run and so on and so on. It’s a fun cycle, but we need help making it come around full circle.

We also could use some help running the booth. Of course we could “hire” people to do it, but that’s not as great as having fans coming out and showing their love, helping to converse new fans! Any amount of booth help is appreciated, whether you can only help one day or you can help all four days! … Read More »

3EG MomoCon 2013 Recap

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I’ll admit it, I was worried about this one. Anime conventions, by definition, and filled with a bunch of cosplay enthusiasts, dance petition and panels about the difference between death gods from one OVA to the next. This was also MomoCon’s first year of having an actual “gaming” section, so there was no way to know how successful this endeavor was going to be. I was happy to lend my personality and enthusiasm for games to it myself, and I’m glad to report… it was a GREAT con!


Left my house at 4:30am so that I could to Atlanta before the con started. I showed up a little too early, but it was cool cause I actually got to help set up the 8-table RPG room and meet the staff, who were all awesome. I also got to scope out the board game room and see what they had, which was a LOT! I was eyeing the BSG board game mostly, but that could wait for now. I had a 2pm game (right as the room opened), but it didn’t look like anyone really knew what the room was for. There were a lot of anime kids coming in and saying … Read More »

Storm Battalion IndieGoGo

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If you haven’t seen it already, I wanted to hip you all to the IndieGoGo that Brennan Bishop is running for his new game, Storm Battalion. It is the first DGS-licensed game and will be published under Third Eye Games’ umbrella of products. It’s a pretty amazing game that you all should check out. Click HERE to check out the IndieGoGo campaign for Storm Battalion.

I’ve included the IndieGoGo video below and we’ve also added Storm Battalion to the main page.


GM’s Day 2013!

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Today is the start of GM’s Week, a special event from DriveThruRPG where you can get great discounts on hundred upon hundreds of games. Along with many other publishers, Third Eye Games is participating in said event as well. Why? First off, it’s a great way to bring awareness to how much a GM contributes to a group. There are plenty of players, everyone has a cool character idea, but it takes a lot to take on the role of the world those characters live in. It requires a lot of creativity and invested time. The best GMs take on the responsibility with pride, instead of treating it like a burden.

Just click on the banner if you are interested seeing more.

MomoCon 2013 Coming Up

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I’ll be heading to MomoCon 2013 next weekend, which I’m really excited about. My strep will be gone by then, which is good, so I’ll be able to do my job. Which is, of course, speaking on panels and running awesome games! If you’re going to be there, do come out and say hi! It’s me and Sean Patrick Fannon representing all of tabletop-dom and I love hanging with him and Carinn.

I’m running 2 games: 1 Wu Xing (since it’s an anime con) and 1 Part-Time Gods (cause it’s a great game).

I’m also speaking on 3 panels:

21st Century Game Publishing – You Can Start Tonight!

Sean Patrick Fannon and Eloy Lasanta, game industry and publishing veterans, discuss the state of developing and publishing games in today’s marketplace. They can detail for you how, with an edited game or manuscript in hand, you can go online tonight and be publishing your own products for sale by morning. (Note – this is an update of his previous discussions, with a great deal of new insight and developments).

NewMedia Entertainment – Bringing It All Together

Join our panel as they discuss the potential integration of Facebook apps, iPhone apps, ubiquitous wi-fi and other forms of Internet … Read More »

God of Love – The Winner Is

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We received 7 pretty great entries into the God of Love Contest. Going through them, it was genuinely difficulty to pick a winner. Even down the wire, where I was down to my final 3. What we ended up with is a tie for winner. These two concepts were submitted as two sides of the same coin, and I found it impossible to split them or choose a favorite.

So, without further ado, here are the winners: Cindy Divine the goddess of Passion by Kate Wolsey and Reuben Reed the god of Love by Karl Olson.


Name: Cindy Divine

Occupation:  Adult Toy Store Owner, Dominions: Passion

Theology: Order of Meskhenet, Age: 29

Height/Weight: 5’7 126, Hair/eyes:  Red Hair and Green Eyes

Description:  Fun and easy going.  Eyes that are always laughing

Wealth: 2, Goals:  Inspire passionate living into all those around her.


“It’s time, its finally time! Meet me in 10 minutes!” She squealed

She grabbed her jacket and small box from the chair by the door and bounced into the rain.  

Cindy waited under the The Hanging Tree, double checking all the tools in her box, a chocolate covered cherry, her family’s bell and mirror, the needle, matches, a stick of cinnamon and the deep red piece of velvet.  She shut the … Read More »

My Blog Challenge

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My blog posting had been sporadic as best. Always with a nice bite and always informative but not frequent to say that it’s a thriving bustling blog. So, I’m instituting a blog challenge to myself.

For the next year, starting today, I will be posting at least one new blog post per day. Sometimes it’ll be news, other times random thoughts about the industry or a cool game I played, and other times maybe just something stupid. It might not always be me either, cause I have lots of friends that things to say too.

In any case, the goal with this is to exercise a muscle that I’ve let atrophy in my pursuit of wordcount. Yes, my connection with the fans is super important to me and Third Eye Games as a whole. We want to keep you informed and entertained all user and I have a feeling we’ll be able to do it.

The biggest part of all of this, of course, is to interact with you. That means comments are very much wanted and appreciated. Can’t wait to have many many conversations with you all.

Follow along at


Genghis Con XXXIV Recap

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This was my second year as a guest at Genghis Con (still one of the cleverest names I’ve heard yet), and I must say it was a hoot. I want to first thank Leif Olson and Bill Stilson for flying me out and letting me be a guest and then a thank you to all the players that came out and made my weekend special. Last year, I sat around and talked a lot. This year, I played in a ton of games.


The Con starts on Thursday, setting up and having just the night slot for gaming. I flew in (my plan was delayed, bleh) and immediately was greeted by Bill Stilson. We had a burger at Smash Burger (which is now becoming tradition) and then headed to the hotel… where I took a nap.

This is where it gets interesting. I was introduced to a gentleman who wasn’t going to be able to attend the con for the whole weekend, but took time after getting off of work to drive down to the con and ask to speak with me. We had an awesome conversation about games and I invited him to play in a game with me next year … Read More »

God of Love Contest

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It’s February, a time of love and romance and togetherness. But as we all know, love comes in many different forms. Following that idea, Third Eye Games is running the God of Love Contest. We want to see what kinds of unique gods and goddesses of love you can come up with, using Part-Time Gods. It could be a traditional god of love, a god of lust using his/her powers for good or a god of blood that affects its… *ahem*… flow. Whatever you can come up with!

We’re looking for a brief background and a full write-up of the character’s stats and favored Manifestation use. Email entries to We’re accepting entries through February 20th, at which time the winner will be announced, their god/dess of love put up on Third Eye Games’ web site and they will receive a $20 credit for the 3EG Online Store!

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Part-Time Gods – Cleanup Complete

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For my first order of business as a full-time game designer now, I decided to tackle something that’s been bothering me for some time now. Part-Time Gods has received so many great reviews and comments and love from the fans, but everyone has said the same thing… editing could have been tighter. I took a little bit of time and skimmed the book to find, to my horror, it was riddled with misspelling and mysterious dashes that made no sense. So, I sat down, cracked my knuckles, put coffee on the burner and spent a lot of time going through the InDesign files to clean up the grammar, phrasing clarity, and spelling.

I didn’t stop there, however. I’ve been listening to feedback from the fans I’ve collected over time and took this opportunity to put a few changes into the game. Altering the Blast Manifestation and adding another way to Boost are just a couple examples of these changes. It’s the same awesome Part-Time Gods, but this revised version makes it that much stronger of a game.

What does this mean for you? It means you should have received a notification of a new version of the PDF if you’ve purchased the game from … Read More »

2012 Holiday Gifts from Third Eye Games

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We here at Third Eye Games really love our fans! To show how much, we are giving away a free gift package with any purchase of a print book from the 3EG Online Store through the month of December 2012. The gift package will include two of the following items:

Gameline T-Shirt
Pack of Flyers
Dice Bags
Pregenerated Character Packs

The holidays are important to us and I really hope that everyone has a great season with your loved ones. Note: The care package may or may not come with the books, depending on where they are shipped from. If you have any questions or want to request a particular item from the list, just send an e-mail to

GameGeeks Review of Mermaid Adventures

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I’ve been following Kurt Wiegel’s video review series, Game Geeks, since I heard the name (so about 4 years I think). He’s previously done a pretty killer episode highlighting the 3 main gamelines of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc, Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade and Part-Time Gods (Episode #179). Now, he sets his sights on Mermaid Adventures and produced a really good episode (if i do say so myself). Check it out!

Savage API Released!

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Third Eye Games is proud to announce the release of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. – Savage Worlds Edition! It’s been about 1 1/2 year since we began the system conversion, going through 3 different versions and a slew of balancing the themes and mood of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. with the Ennies Award-winning Savage Worlds core system. All our hard work has paid off in this awesome package that contains everything you need to know about API as a company, the demons it works with and against, and new rules for using Magic, Cybernetics and Martial Arts in your Savage Worlds games.

It is currently out in Print for $17.99 or PDF for $8.99 at the 3EG Online Store. We hope everyone enjoys the game and joins us on the forums to discuss your fun!

Play the Game Podcast GenCon 2012 Interview

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While at GenCon 2012, I had an awesome group of podcasters from the Play the Game Podcast come up and say hi! They were very interested in what Third Eye Games had to offer and I was more than happy to share it with them. They asked if they could record me telling them about it, and I said sure, grab your mic. They said, we’ll be back tomorrow with our camera. I have to admit, it got me nervous, as I haven’t done much in the way of talkies. But this is actually a very good video and kind of gives you the firsthand view of what it was like coming to the Third Eye Games booth at GenCon!


Camp Myth: The RPG – Press Release

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“How was my summer vacation?

It was okay, I guess. Well, except for the parts where I was electrocuted, crushed, petrified, burned, stomped, poisoned, frozen, whipped, paralyzed, teleported, clawed, shot at, eaten, scarred, cursed, mauled, squashed, and thrown off a flying horse at least once a day…

And that was just earning the easy merit badges.”


Welcome to Camp Myth, the only summer camp built exclusively for young mythological creatures. Forget canoe rides and knot-tying lessons – these kids are more likely to fish for a Kraken, or learn the proper way to train a Chimera!

Third Eye Games is teaming up with Chris Lewis Carter to bring a unique roleplaying experience to fans of his new young adult series, Camp Myth! A growing company in the RPG industry, Third Eye Games has a proven record of releasing games filled with wonder and epic thrills, making Eloy Lasanta the perfect person to collaborate on the Camp Myth RPG.

Using Third Eye Games’ Pip System, the Camp Myth RPG will give players the chance to create their own campers from a variety of different mythological races, and earn merit badges while adventuring in the Forgotten Forest, Leviathan Lake, the Minotaur Labyrinth, and many other fantastic locations … Read More »

3EG DragonCon Panels

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So, I was able to get my hands on a cool H1-Zoom before my trip to DragonCon 2012. I used it to very cleverly (and with everyone’s permission) record the panels I was on. It was supposed to be 3 panels, but I slipped onto a 4th just for good measure. The event itself is amazing and I had a great time! You should just go ahead and listen to all the fun we had. There are 4 panels:

#1 – Publishing an RPG
#2 – Children in Gaming
#3 – Cinematic Roleplaying
#4 – Indie RPGs

Truth and Lies Kickstarter

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Truth and Lies

We are proud to announce that the Kickstarter for our latest book is up! Check out the Wu Xing: Truth and Lies video below and see all the great bundles we have available for backers. There’s even a secret stretch goal that I’m just dying to reveal. So, help us hit our goal! We appreciate your support!

Come Join Us at GenCon

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Third Eye Games is going to have a major presence at GenCon 2012. We are going to have a booth (in the Studio2 Area) for the second year in a row, and we have a ton of new products that weren’t at last years show, including new books for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc, Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade and Mermaid Adventures.

In addition to our booth, we are going to have a great collection of GMs to run our games at GenCon 2012. Check out our Event Listing for more information. There’s already a few games that filled up quickly, so be sure to get your tickets ASAP.

Something You May Know (SYMK) Clue from Third Eye Games

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Hey Everyone!

Next week, on May 23rd at 9pm EST, Third Eye Games will be appearing on a live internet trivia game show called “Something You May Know”. Of course, we want you to come play, and you can win real money for being the first person watching the show to answer trivia questions correctly. Check out their site here for more info:

Emil, from the SYMK crew, has been awesome to work with and we’re excited to share this fun time with all of you. The show is fast-paced, fun to watch, and (on the 23rd) all about gaming! Put your thinking caps on and show up!

Also, pay attention to the following SYMK clue:

3EG Adept Program

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Are you a fan of Third Eye Games? Do you know Apocalypse Prevention, Inc in and out? Are you an expert with Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade or the one everyone looks to for answers to Part-Time Gods questions? Then you’re perfect!

Click HERE to learn how to become an Adept, where you can help Third Eye Games and get cool stuff in return.

Store Locator Launched

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Those regular visitors to Third Eye Games will notice a new addition to the menu… the Store Locator. We’re happy to take your order here at our online store, but we also hope to be able to let you all know places where you can go to get your hands on our products, from Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. to Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade to Part-Time Gods.

To the Fans

What we need from you is to tell us the stores in your area that are carrying any Third Eye Game product, especially if it’s where you bought it… especially if you play the game there. We are asking you, the fans, to help us increase our exposure yes, but also to help us point other potential customers to your favorite local FLGS! We need to keep gaming stores alive and things like this are hopefully part of that!

Send me an e-mail at with any Names, Addresses and other info for these FLGSs.

To Retailers

We want to drive business your way. The only way we can do that is if you let us know that you’re carrying our products. Even if you are only carrying one gameline, we’ll put you on the list and customers from … Read More »

Sinister Open Development

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Third Eye Games has started the path toward our next game line and want you to come along for the ride. You are invited to follow our development and the ups and downs that come with it. The name is the game is Sinister and is to be our monster capture game with a serious bent.

Until next time.

Demon-Ninja-Gods (Future Releases)

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Oh what good times were had at GenCon 2011! One of the best parts, for me, was the small gathering of fans that came to my Demon-Ninja-Gods Panel. In this panel, got to talk about the 3 gamelines that already exist, the sourcebooks coming for each one and also the new games that are coming in the next year (if i have anything to say about it). Thank you to those that came, but it’s time to make the info public for everyone now! Below are the highlights of the panel:

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

My very first gameline still has a really loyal fanbase and i can’t thank them enough. We talked a little bit about what the newest sourcebook, Demon Codex: Spectrals, adds to to the game and then went on to what will be next. The fans voted for it and we deliver. Next books are API Worldwide: South America, Demon Codex: Burners and then API Worldwide: Japan (which means kappas!).

Also, there was quite the buzz about API Savage World Edition. We are simply waiting for a few approvals from Pinnacle and then we’d begin layout. Our playtesters (and those that played in our GenCon 2011 game during Savage Saturday … Read More »

Third Eye Games Joins Bits-and-Mortar

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For those that don’t know, there is a Bits and Mortar movement among many publishers of indie RPGs where customers that buy the physical books (even if they buy it in their FLGS) also receive a free digital copy of the game as well. This not only eliminates the need for fans to purchase both the print and digital copies separately, but also makes purchasing from local gaming shops more convenient for those that like PDFs as well. Now, Third Eye Games is joining the ranks of the other awesome publishers that are behind this new way of thinking, including Evil Hat and Cubicle 7.

What does this mean for Third Eye Games Fans!

Starting August 1, 2011, physical copies of a Third Eye Games books purchased gains the customer the option to download the PDF for free. PDF copies can still be purchased normally, usually for half the price of the print copy. This doesn’t apply to some items that are PDF-only (Like adventures or Demon packs) or are a limited PoD book (like API Anthology: Volume 1).

3EG Online Store – Our online store is already set up to deliver you this awesome opportunity. You’ll notice that the PDF-only items are … Read More »

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