One Week Until Top Billing!

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One Week Until Top Billing!

Just to catch everyone up on our movie making card game, Top Billing! Both and Print-N-Play and Print-On-Demand versions will be available through DriveThruRPG. We’re very excited about this release! After months of playtesting, it’s finally almost out. Here’s a rundown on what the game is about:

The players become rival producers all working to influence the same movie in the direction they want. During play, you accumulate a number of actors (like the Indie Legend, Action Hero or Reality Star), sets (like the Beach, a Garage or a Fancy Restaurant) and props (like a wrench, teddy bear or silk robe). All of these things are put together to fulfill a Scene (like a Chase Scene, Inspirational Speech or a Betrayal). By scooping up a Scene and pitching it as part of the movie, a producer gains points in the game and helps to craft an awesome story.

There was a main goal when designing Top Billing – to create a card game that was both an awesome card game and a cool story telling device. No two games have ever been the same, every games making a new movie, casting different actors in crazy roles. It works the creative bone in the body, too, because the players Pitch the scene with what they have. They must incorporate the elements that they have to fulfill a scene. If they have a teddy bear (prop) in court (set) with a romantic lead (male), they might tell the story of how Brad Pitt as a lawyer questioning the defendant and bringing the Teddy Bear out as evidence in the trial! If they have a supporting actor (actor) with a Plate of nachos (prop) and a fake mustache (prop) on a busy highway (set), they could be telling the story of Steve Buscemi posing as nacho selling at the border to Mexico. It has to fit into the Scene being fulfilled, but you can obviously see how crazy a game can be with the right imagination and drawing the right cards.

Hopefully, you like this little taste of the game and you’ll give it a try by picking up a copy next week, starting April 1st. You can get the Print-N-Play version for $6.99 (which means you download and print them out, supplying your own backs and sleeves) or Print-On-Demand for $19.99 (where you get a full deck mailed to your door).

If you have any questions/comments, I’d love to hear them!

Until next time.

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