Not while I’m eating

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Because its ok my mind right now (at this very moment) and in an effort to do my blog post early today, I tell you this! Don’t bother people while they eat. One of my goals for this trip to MomoCon was to hopefully be able to casually run into the BioWare guys and strike up a conversation. I’m eating breakfast right now and in they walk, sitting down to eat theirs as well.

The only thing going through my mind right now though is the Eminem song “What I Am” where specifically says “don’t come and speak to me if you see me eating”. I’d pretty much be a douchebag if I did it, so I’m going to refrain and hope to drum into them later.

However, I will go on record and say: I don’t mind it. Please come and bother me at any time if you have something nice to say or want to chat.

Until next time.

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