New Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Coming

Posted on May 9th, by firstoni in Blog, News. 6 comments

A few months ago we released a cleaned up version of Part-Time Gods for all the fans to get reacquainted with the awesome game and setting. Now, I’m here to announce that we’re currently working on outlines and development on sourcebooks that will expand on the universe and give players a ton of new options. A Kickstarter is also in the works for Mid-June to give you a chance to make all of this come true.

What we have planned:

  • New sourcebooks
  • Fiction Anthology
  • Other Hidden Secrets

We’re super excited about this and we’ll be talking more about the game and the Kickstarter as we get closer. We’d love to hear more from the fans on what kinds of things they’d like to see!

Until next time.

6 responses to “New Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Coming”

  1. the NPC says:

    I’d do a happy dance but I am sleep deprived at the moment… I will say “Finally” that money has been getting chatty waiting for you. 😉

  2. the NPC says:

    Question. Will any of the new stuff be finalized versions of things that were talked about when there were forums? Like the beast shape entitlement or the Theologies based off eastern religions or philosophies (Like the Shinto)?

    As a side note. I’ve been relooking over my book and I can’t find where is specifically says what the base damage is or how to calculate it. Where might it be?

  3. the NPC says:

    This is probably not the best place to keep asking questions but:

    Will any of the new stuff pertain to gods or legacies of old gods who sided with the source? Or gods who would have if it hadn’t been a secret plan?

    Also, has a specific date been set yet?

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