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I don’t know if a lot of game designers out there understand how important a name is. The name of your game holds a lot of power. What you call your character classes or the type of characters players can play carries a lot of weight.

A Carrion Knight in a game called Legion is a lot different than a Bunny Warrior in a game called Invisible Cupcakes. Those two examples are pretty dramatically different I know. Lets take the Carrion Knight and let’s call it an Angel Slayer instead. Which do you think creates the most imagery? To me Carrion Knight sounds cool but doesn’t tell me what it actually is. Angel Slayer would probably be the name I picked if I was designing such a game.

This is something I’ve been considering while doing some game design for Sinister and my supers side project. Called a power Memory Manipulation is explanatory but has no pizazz. Changing it’s name to Mneunomics gives it a kick and let’s the reader know what it is at a glance. White Wolf was always good at this.

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