Mystery of Gloves (Sinister RPG)

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Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride. 

First off, let me address the fact that there was no post last week. I had a recent health scare, but have been recovering nicely. Thank you for all the well-wishes that I received.

So, as mentioned before, my idea for monster control involves a number of collars that it must wear. Over the last few weeks, however, i’ve been considering changing it from “different kinds of collars” to “different kinds of gloves”. The idea now is that each nation has taken the original technology scrounged from the Cloud Nation ruins and tweaked it enough to give them an advantage, like bonuses when commanding multiple monsters or possibly bonuses to damage due to the intensity of the energy flow. Of course, each one will also have its own glitch, fatal design flaw or weakspot as well, to make give players a real choice to which they will choose to use.

The tech used is a series of mini-portals, fueled by the same kind of energy originally used to open the portals that ravaged the world. It’s on a much smaller scale. Instead of destroying entire nations and mutating the world, it create small pocket dimensions, capable of holding any sized animal. This portal is opened using the specially-designed collars that can expand to wrap around any of monster and then can shrink small enough to be worn as a bracelet or armband. The collars won’t be usable on humans or regular animals or objects. Only the monsters in the world, that carry the signature of the portal energy, can be affected, thus removing the “can we trap humans in the portals too” scenario that was just bound to happen.

From a character creation point of view, I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons to attaching a glove type to a nation splat. It’s a possibility that I may create the nation splats to have a certain disposition and a special edge, then give them the choice of possibly 2 or 3 glove types of out a select 8 or so. That way, their choice of nation still dictates their choice of tech, but not in a way that is severely limiting. Still working on the details of course.

I’m working with our resident artist to try to hammer down a design for the gloves and the collars. you can see above some of what we’ve been working on. More to come in the future.

Until next time.

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