Monster Types (Sinister RPG)

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Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride. 

One of the questions that I received in my last post was whether I will be splitting the monsters into categories. The answer to this is of course. As human beings, we LOVE to categorize and gives meaning to things that are alike. And I was at least mostly human the last time i checked.

For those unfamiliar with Pokemon, their monsters are separated by a psuedo-element system that acted as a rock-paper-scissors kind of thing. A water monster would always do better against a fire type which could always beat a plant type which destroyed rock types who couldn’t get touched by a wind types. I mean, that might not be exactly the way it is, but you get the gist.

This is where i’ll be taking another noticeable detour from what Pokemon is to get closer to what Sinister is to become. Instead of the RPS ideology, i plan on monster types dependent on how the monster came to be. Each will have certain bonuses, abilities and weaknesses based on their type, but none will be inherently more powerful against another. Type will come more into play when it comes time to train or capture the monster. Based on the setting that I have so far, these are the categories that I have for monsters.


Most of the monsters will be regular animals that have been mutated by the portals from 100 years ago. Now, mutated monsters have become a part of the world. At times, ruling their mundane counterparts, and in other cases completely replacing them. Yes, Sinister will have regular animals as well as monster version. Everything isn’t a monster. Mutants will have the base abilities of an animal of that type, but will be exaggerated and may take on new abilities from outside their species.


As there is some advanced tech in this game, some monsters will be cybernetic or be completely robotic. This is going to be an interesting twist, as some of the “training” may be dependent upon the trainers ability to program their animal or how well they make the cybernetic parts mesh with the animal’s flesh.

Portal Beasts

These will be the crazy, off-the-wall creatures that have no basis in the real world and are completely alien. They are from other lost worlds that humans can only imagine and have strange powers that make them extra challenging to capture. There will be little else to connected them beyond the fact that they are all from other worlds, so the plan is to make them all be very different from each other.


My idea is that these are the bogeymen, ghosts and monsters that existed in the human subconscious that the portal energy gave life to. So, they are not from the portals, but can be just as crazy and wacked out as a portal beast, since the only limitation is the one that originally dreamed it. The idea of a trainer with a collar around a nightmare monster is just too great to pass by.

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