MomoCon 2013 Coming Up

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I’ll be heading to MomoCon 2013 next weekend, which I’m really excited about. My strep will be gone by then, which is good, so I’ll be able to do my job. Which is, of course, speaking on panels and running awesome games! If you’re going to be there, do come out and say hi! It’s me and Sean Patrick Fannon representing all of tabletop-dom and I love hanging with him and Carinn.

I’m running 2 games: 1 Wu Xing (since it’s an anime con) and 1 Part-Time Gods (cause it’s a great game).

I’m also speaking on 3 panels:

21st Century Game Publishing – You Can Start Tonight!
Sean Patrick Fannon and Eloy Lasanta, game industry and publishing veterans, discuss the state of developing and publishing games in today’s marketplace. They can detail for you how, with an edited game or manuscript in hand, you can go online tonight and be publishing your own products for sale by morning. (Note – this is an update of his previous discussions, with a great deal of new insight and developments).
NewMedia Entertainment – Bringing It All Together
Join our panel as they discuss the potential integration of Facebook apps, iPhone apps, ubiquitous wi-fi and other forms of Internet access, with classic ARG, RPG, CCG and LARP concepts into all-new forms of full-immersion entertainment in the 21st Century. (Note – this is an update of previous discussions, with a great deal of new insight and developments). Your hosts are Sean Patrick Fannon (Evil Beagle Games) and Eloy Lasanta (Third Eye Games).
Creator, Content, Consumer, and Community – the Four C’s of the 21st Century Pro and Fan
Sean Patrick Fannon – writer, game designer, publisher, marketing director – leads a discussion on the extremely fluid and dynamic nature of today’s creative world, and how these changes directly impact professional creators and the fans. It’s easy to see how the Internet has changed everything, but it’s important to truly explore and understand what those changes mean, and what more is in store for us all down the road. Joining him is Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games, a living example of exactly the kind of relationship the Four C’s develop.
Hopefully, I get to see a lot of fans and friends at Momocon!
Until next time.

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