Mermaid Adventures

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Mermaid Adventures

ennies 2013 nominee1An RPG of Undersea Fun!

Dive into adventure and fun! Mermaid Adventures is a game that lets you and your friends become mermaids, forming friendships, fighting sea monsters and solving strange undersea mysteries. Great for families and players of all ages!


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Mermaid Adventures RPG (3EG401/3EG402)

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In this game, players of all ages take the role of different types of underwater people who reside in Atlantis, the kingdom beneath the sea. Mermaid Adventures takes a lot of inspiration from The Little Mermaid, but also the adventurous elements of Hook or the fantastic elements of movies like Stardust. Choose from:

  • Fishfolk: Traditional mermaids with beautifully colored scales. They are the most curious of all the mermaids.
  • ennies 2013 nominee1Eelfolk: Joyful pranksters with a slippery bottom half of an eel. Amazing friends that are seemingly always happy.
  • Octofolk: Mermaids with the bottom half of an octopus. They are the most magical of all of the mermaids.
  • Sharkfolk: Big and strong, but most are gentle giants. Sharkfolk obviously surpass others at physical activities.
  • Jellyfolk: Mischievous tricksters with the body of a jellyfish. Sometimes they are too clever for their own good.
  • Lobsterfolk: Often more charming than others, the Lobsterfolk people have a hard shell to protect themselves if their words ever land them in trouble.
  • Rayfolk: Merfolk with the body of a stingray, lovers of going where they’re not supposed to go by flattening their body.
  • Urchinfolk: Obsessed with magic, these spiny merfolk have the body of sea urchins.

Mermaid Adventures Coloring Book


This awesome coloring book sports illustrations from Mermaid Adventures, an RPG of Undersea Fun – from Third Eye Games! All illustrations done by Melissa Gay and can be downloaded for you and your kids to create your own works of art with your crayons, color pencils or markers! Includes 28 illustrations that you will love!


Thimble-DTRPGCoverThimble – Little People, Big Adventure


Welcome to Thimble, a world of little people and big adventure! The Squelks have lived in the walls and floorboards since the beginning of time. Now we get to learn about their stories and their culture! This expansion is inspired by awesome works like the Borrowers, the Littles and the The Secret World of Arrietty.


  • Rules for how to make your own Younglings, Pallies or Grands
  • Alternate rules and baddies to combat
  • 2 Sample Adventures.


For now, you can get the Mermaid Adventures Character Sheet. Soon, we’ll have pregenerated available as well. Check out the Goodies page.

Coming Soon!

  • Infestation
  • Part-Time Dogs

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