May Progress (Sinister RPG)

Posted on May 2nd, by firstoni in Blog. No Comments

Working on Sinister has been a lot of fun lately. I’m getting so much done! I thought I’d give you an update on where we are with the play test files for this project. I’ll use the format we had previously:

Old progress:
Passions: 100%
Attributes 100%
Sub-Attributes: 15%
Skills: 100%
Gifts/Drawbacks: 10%
Gloves: 60%
Monsters: 0%
Combat: 10%

New Progress
Passions: 100%
Updated Attributes 100%
Skills: 100%
Gifts/Drawbacks: 40%
Gloves: 100%
Monsters: 70%
Combat: 50%

As you can see, we’ve adjusted something but are definitely track. I can’t wait to share this game with you guys!

Until next time.

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