How I Met Josh Hilden

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This is kind of a response to Josh’s post from today (here).

First off, i started on Palladium Games (this comes as no surprise to anyone that i’ve talked gaming with). The settings put out by Palladium are strong, but i fell out of love with the system as I learned more about what else was out there (basically as soon as I stopped living in a gaming bubble around the age of 16).

But, somehow, the company has continued without my patronage. They’ve since come out with some source material that would have been great when I was actually playing (like the book on Cyber-Knights) and some fun fiction about wars and junk. One of these books was also the Rifter. I had submitted junk to the Rifter once and was promised feedback that i didn’t receive for 2 years. One of the big reasons that i left. I felt unsupported by the company. Apparently, though, good stuff was still coming out of it – particularly “Dead Reign” written by two dudes named Josh i believe. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a cool zombie game that mixes magic and psychics and dead things walking around and lots of other fun.

Of course, i only heard about all of this after news of a huge debacle involving manuscripts and writing credits and writer’s getting stiffed. I wasn’t there, so i don’t know what “really” happened, but I’ve heard a couple of versions. Regardless, I heard of a writer named Josh Hilden who was pretty darn good. I was in the market, so i sent him an e-mail to “talk”. After a couple of e-mail back and forth and some seeing some of his work, it was easy to say yes to him to right on the newest book from Third Eye Games – Demon Codex Spectrals (sorry, had to plug it).

That was over a year ago, because of several delays in production. It’s finally out though and i’m so glad that I got the chance to work with Josh Hilden. I consider it Palladium’s loss in the end. I am glad that he didn’t let his setback spoil him on writing in general, because now he’s in editing for his first novel. Now how’s that for bouncing back.

Thank you everyone for listening.

Until next time.

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